Animated Videos about Populist Communication

  • The language used in these videos is English, but the language of the subtitles can easily be changed. For a quick guide to how this is done, see this pdf file.

Video 1

Video 1: Populist Political Communication Explained

A key feature of populism is the way it is communicated. In this video we look at populist arguments and how media and citizens relate to these arguments (4 min, 30 sec).


Video 2

Video 2: Populist political communication in Europe – introduction

What is populist political communication? In this video we look at typical arguments used by populist parties and movements across Europe (90 sec).


Video 3

Video 3: Populists as communicators

What characterize populists as communicators? In this video we look at how various types of populist may see the world quite differently, even if they share many of the same arguments (90 sec).

Video 4

Video 4: The media and populism

Media is often attracted to populism although they often disagree with populist arguments. In this video we look at the love-hate relationship between media and populist political parties and candidates (90 sec).


Video 5

Video 5: Citizens and populism

The effect of the populist message depends on the listener. In this video we take a closer look at supporters and victims of populist political communication (90 sec).