Protection of power systems with distributed sources

- Supervisor H. K. Høidalen, NTNU

Embedded or distributed generation (DG) will change the power flow in the system. This has strong impact on protection of distribution system, but also on the transmission level. In the distribution system, directional over-current or distance relays becomes required, and strict voltage and frequency protection have to be relaxed. In the transmission system, changes in power flow direction could pose challenges for backup protections. The project will consist of model and simulation of transients in power system to study the dynamic impact of distributed sources and how this would influence relay performance. The project will identify what data to communicate from distributed sources units and loads for optimum protection and fault location.

  • Distributed sensors
  • Communication of syncrophasor data from distributed sources
  • Algorithms for fault-location
  • Island detection and operation
  • Adaptive relaying




The consortium agreement opens up for new financing partners to join. Contact the project manager Hans Kr. Høidalen. Private web-page (e-room) available here.

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