Wide-area protection and control using synchrophasors

- Supervisor Bruce A. Mork, Michigan Technological university (MTU)

Protective relays, transient event recorders, and dedicated PMU devices can provide and share synchrophasor data, essentially GPS time-tagged phasor measurement information. Usage thus far is more focused on slow-changing system operations or monitoring applications. Wide-area protection and control require higher speed real-time communications and several advancements in enabling technologies. The main issues to be addressed are:

  • Protective relay application in the context of: Interoperability issues, substation automation (IEC 61850), Grid system operations, SCADA, impact of high-penetration of renewable sources, energy management (EMS)
  • High-speed emergency control against power swings or voltage collapse.
  • Synchrophasor applications for unbalanced disturbances, for example single-pole tripping and reclosing.
  • Smart high-speed separation and optimal islanding when emergency control cannot hold the whole system together.
  • Operation of separated islands as micro-grids.




The consortium agreement opens up for new financing partners to join. Contact the project manager Hans Kr. Høidalen. Private web-page (e-room) available here.

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