System integration and performance

- Supervisor Hans Kr. Høidalen & Bruce A. Mork

It is essential to confirm the functionality of an overall integrated system. The project will investigate beneficial system information structures and algorithms from centralized to distributed to combined hierarchical. Algorithms for optimal balance between performance and security will be developed. Data overload is occurring and the “big data” problem needs solutions.

  • Instrument transformers, sensors, transducers, and merging units
  • Data concentrators, protocol converters, and vector processors
  • Effects of time delays on wide-area performance
  • Algorithms centralized/distributed/hierarchical
  • Real-time computing performance (algorithms and data mining)
  • Correct power system protection and control performance – Security
  • Optimization of high-speed wide area control calculations
  • Synchrophasor bad data identification and state estimation




The consortium agreement opens up for new financing partners to join. Contact the project manager Hans Kr. Høidalen. Private web-page (e-room) available here.

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