Power system protection in a smartgrid perspective

The future power system, with an increased complexity and with integration of distributed energy resources (DER), challenges the handling of faults. The project ProSmart will seek to improve classical power system relaying by utilisation of communication technology. The aim is increased reliability, better handling of faults, and increased utilisation of the power grid with reduced risk of blackouts.

Relaying is the part of the power system's "brain" which ensures correct disconnection of faulty items in order to minimise the consequences as much as possible. Standard technology is now numerical relays with a programmable functionality. The newest generation relays is able to communicate in real-time and thus use information from other parts of the power system. The technology is not fully utilized today.

The project wants to educate four PhD students within relay protection and communication. The project is a cooperation between the NTNU departments Electrical Power Engineering and Telecommunications, and Michigan Technological University (MTU) in USA. As this is the first project within relay protection the competence and network building activities are very important. The project will contribute to the Norwegian Smart Grid Centre. 




The consortium agreement opens up for new financing partners to join. Contact the project manager Hans Kr. Høidalen. Private web-page (e-room) available here.

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