Centre for Elite Sports Research (SenTIF)

Centre for Elite Sports Research (SenTIF)


Research at the Centre for Elite Sports Research revolves around key issues of the Norwegian elite sports. SenTIF’s expertise is on the importance of movement technique and sport-specific physical requirements of elite sports performance. Effects of different types of training and coaching on these factors are also central in the center’s research strategy.


Through close dialogue and formal collaboration with The Norwegian Olympic Sports Center we ensure that our main research areas are closely linked to the core issues of best practice.


Our research is conducted on current and future elite athletes.
Athletes we are doing research on.


As well as cooperating with organisations such as The Norwegian Olympic Sports Center and the Norwegian Sports Federation, SenTIF collaborates closely with research environments both nationally and internationally.

To ensure that our collaborators are informed about our research we present our research findings at different opportunities.

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Where to find us

Where to find us

We are located in the National Centre for Elite Sports (Toppidrettssenteret) in Granåsen together with The Norwegian Olympic Sports Center, Region Mid-Norway.

Toppidrettsenteret in Granåsen