Research areas

Centre for Elite Sports Research (SenTIF)

Research areas


With SenTIF’s interdisciplinary perspective on research, where motor learning, biomechanics and physiology are integrated, we are developing elite sports knowledge which goes beyond the traditional research approach of solely investigating one of the latter areas. Our research is based on fundamental issues within SenTIF’s main research areas.

Our research is organized so that next to continuous research, we can spontaneously act on extraordinary requests from the practical sports environment. The center thus plays an important role for sports on both a regional and on a national level.

Current research themes:

Endurance sports: 
Movement solutions, physical capacity and training in endurance sports

Paralympic sports:
Movement patterns, physiology and classification in paralympic sports

Technical sports:
Balance, movement solutions and physical prerequisites in technical sports

Coaching and performance psychology:
Coaching and performance psychological aspects related to learning technique in elite sports