1.5 and 2 year master's programmes (MASTER NOR)


These application procedures are valid for:

  • Norwegian master's degree programmes
  • Norwegian and Nordic applicants applying to an international master's degree programme. You are considered as a Norwegian or Nordic applicant if you apply with a bachelor's degree from one of the Nordic countries

 Information for other applicant categories.

Information on the corona situation for applicants who are completing a bachelor's degree spring semester 2020


Admission to master's programmes (1 1/2 and 2-year)

  1. Register your application in Søknadsweb. The application deadline for master's degree programmes is 15 April
  2. Upload documentation to "My Documents" in Søknadsweb within two weeks. Upload both front and back pages of your diplomas and transcripts. You have to upload your:  
    • transcripts and/or diploma from your high school
    • bachelor transcripts and diplomas 
    • if you have a degree from a non-Norwegian / non-Nordic country you must also make sure you upload the required documents listed under the tab "Non-Norwegian / non-Nordic degrees"
  3. Response to application to master's programmes: approximately 13 July, and you have to register your acceptance via Søknadsweb within 20 July.


When you have registered an application you will receive a receipt via e-mail. You have to upload  all required documentation to Søknadsweb.

You can upload documents via My documents in Søknadsweb. Please upload different attachments separately, and name the attachments appropriately.

Upload both sides of two sided documents. Make sure that uploaded files are in a standard document or picture format and that scanned documents are of a good quality. 

If you have previously uploaded documents, the documents are visible on Søknadsweb. Please do not upload a document more than once.

Documentation of education

Document your bachelor's degree or corresponding degree with  your diploma and transcript of records. You can document additional education with transcripts of records.  If you complete your bachelor's degree in the spring semester, you have to upload transcript of records when you apply,  and upload  your diploma by 1 July. 

If you do not receive your bachelor's diploma before 1 July, you have to upload a complete transcript of records with a confirmation letter from your institution that documents completion of your degree. Upload your diploma when you receive it.

Insufficient documentation

You may receive notifications to the e-mail address you have registered in Søknadsweb. It is therefore important that you check your e-mail regularly, and that you make sure your e-mail address is correct. Please note that it's your own responsibility to upload all necessary documentation.

Document verification

NTNU will carry out verification of uploaded documents, and original documents must be submitted if requested. Applicants who are unable to submit adequate documentation will lose the right to study. 


If your education is from another country than Norway you have to upload diploma and transcript of records in the original language. If your original documentation is not in English or in a Nordic language you also have to upload an official translation. Both sides of two sided documents must be uploaded. 

Directly from your institution

From some countries, such as USA and Canada, we require that original documentation is sent directly to NTNU from your institution. See a complete list of countries here. If your education is from one of the listed contries you have to contact your institution as soon as possible and request that your diploma and transcript of records are sent directly to NTNU. 

Request documentation from your institution as early as possible. The original documents must be submitted to The Admissions Office by 1 July. Note that you also have to upload temporary documentation to Søknadsweb. 

Language requirements

Norwegian Master's degree programmes require both Norwegian and English. International Master's degree programmes only require English. If you have completed upper secondary school in Norway or another Nordic country you fulfil the language requirements. If you do not have Norwegian or Nordic education, the language requirements must be documented. See information here about the language requirements for admission to studies at NTNU.

Document verification

NTNU will carry out verfication of uploaded documents, and original documents must be submitted if requested. Applicants who are unable to submit adequate documentation will lose the right to study. 

Early admission is not an option for admission to Spring Semester.

You can apply for early admission if you need an early response to your application. The deadline for applying is 1 March. You have to be qualified for admission when you apply and all required documentation must be uploaded in Søknadsweb by 15 March. You can not apply for early admission if you complete your bachelor's degree in the spring semester 2020. 

To be considered for early admission you have to document one or more of the criteria below:

  • You have to resign from your job or apply for leave of absence to study
  • You are self-employed and have to close your enterprise to study
  • You have to move to a new location with family because of work, school change or child care
  • You require individual arrangements (reading and writing difficulties do not apply)


You can document grounds for early admission in the following ways:

  • confirmation letter from employer about period of notice, or emplyment letter and copy of latest paycheck
  • confirmation letter of self-employment from tax office or business register
  • certificate of residence for applicant and children, or applicant and spouse/partner from the Population Register
  • certificate from an expert (e.g. doctor)

For your application to be considered for early admission you must have applied for early admission in Søknadsweb before the deadline 1 March. 

Result of early admission

The result of your application for early admission will be sent by e-mail approximately 20 May. If you receive an offer of admission, you have to accept the offer when the primary admission results are published approx. 13 July. The deadline for accepting your offer is approx. 20 July.

If your application for early admission is not approved, your application will be transferred to the regular admission process. 

Your application is ranked on the basis of the grades from the education that qualifies you for admission. Courses that are graded with pass / fail are not included in the calculation of your average grade. If your average grade can be calculated in more than one way, the way that yields the highest score is used.

Average grades can not be calculated for education from other countries than Norway, and applicants are ranked based on individual assessments.

Calculation of average grade

To calculate average grades for Norwegian educations, replace each letter grade with the numerical equivalent, where A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2 og E=1. Multiply the numerical equivalent with the number of credits given for the course, and add the values for each of the relevant courses. Divide the sum by the total number of credits for the relevant courses. The number is calculated with one decimal.

Most Master's degree programs require an average grade of C or better in your basis for admission to qualify. When converting from numerical values to letters, the average grade is rounded off to the nearest integer. Applicants with an average grade of 2.5 or better (calculated as outlined above) fill the requirement for average grade of C or better.

Number grades from higher education are converted as shown in the tables below

From natural sciences:                     From other educations:

1.00 - 1.79 = A                                    1.0 - 2.2 = A
1.80 - 2.49 = B                                    2.3 - 2.5 = B
2.50 - 2.99 = C                                    2.6 - 2.7 = C
3.00 - 3.49 = D                                    2.8 - 3.0 = D
3.50 - 4.00 = E                                    3.1 - 4.0 = E

Appeal against grade

If you appeal against grades that are part of your basis for admission you have to inform the Admissions Office when new exam results are available. If you have education from another institution than NTNU you have to send new transcript of records. Note that new exam results after appeal are valid in the admissions process from the date new documentation has been presented.


Regulations for ranking applicants in the admission to 2-year master's degree programmes is described in Forskrift om opptak til studier ved Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet.
Average grade calculation is described in § 31.

Education background

The basis for admission to the 2-year master's programmes in technology is a bachelor in engineering from a university or a university college.

To qualify for admission applicants must have a certain grade point average. Since grading is used differently in different countries, NTNU will assess applicants' grade level individually.

Applicants who hold a Bachelor of Engineering must have passed the examination in subjects equivalent to Mathematical Methods I, II and III  + Statistics, a minimum of 25 credits (ECTS) in mathematics and 5 credits (ECTS) in statistics. 7,5 ECTS in Physics is also required for most of our master's programmes in Technology.

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