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Music Technology

Music Technology - Bachelor's Programme

The language of instruction in this programme is Norwegian. Read more about the programme on the Norwegian website

The bachelor's programme in Music Technology provides a basis for the creative, independent use of technology in music, based on practical exercises and theoretical training in Music Technology as a musical instrument, device tool and instrument of analysis.

About the programme

Music Technology dominates modern contemporary production and distribution of music. If you listen to a CD, attend a concert or watch TV, the sound to which you listen is processed and disseminated by means of music technological equipment and instruments.

The bachelor's programme in Music Technology consists of a study of technological and methodological development related to composing and creating music, as well as to the methodology, performance, perception, analysis and synthesis of music.

The programme stimulates creativity, and promotes a reflective and critical attitude to the use of Music Technology.

Amongst the many challenges the students will be presented with during the programme, are:

  • Creative work with MIDI and audio
  • Arranging and composing
  • Music production and sound aesthetics
  • Sound in film/video/TV
  • Programming and algorithmic composition
  • PA-sound and sound installations
  • Room acoustics and musical perception
  • Presentations of music technology to an audience

The language of instruction in this programme is Norwegian

You have to meet the Norwegian language requirements, or have a Scandinavian language as your mother tongue, if you want to apply to any of NTNU’s degree programmes taught in Norwegian.

You also must meet the basic requirement for admission, and demonstrate that you meet the English language requirements.

The application deadline for the programme is April 15th. Students apply through Samordna Opptak.

E-mail address for questions about admissions:

The faculty of Humanities offer a wide range of courses taught in English in our various fields of studies, both at bachelor's and master's level.

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Exciting study programs

Whether you are currently studying for you bachelor or master’s degree in music technology, the Department of Music have a range of courses to offer students that wish to do their exchange at NTNU. 

Courses on offer for exchange students

At Bachelor's level

For students doing their bachelor exchange, we have an offer of courses available in English. 

More info about the bachelor's programme in Music technology.

At Master's Level

For students doing an exchange in as part of their master’s degree, we offer a diverse and interesting set of courses, ranging from the technical to the creative and analytical. These courses are only available in the autumn semester and are all taught in English. 

Students in their first cycle/bachelor level may apply to take courses at masters level if they can document sufficient previous qualifications.

Here is some further info about our international Master's programme - Creative Music Technology (MA).

Dedicated and highly qualified teachers

Professors, Associate Professors and several PhD candidates from a variety of backgrounds, specialize in everything from live-electronic performanceand innovative music production, to interactive dance and audio programming.

Take a look at our list of current teachers.

State-of-the-art facilities

Carry out projects in our brand new state-of-the-art network-audio studio; explore how you can record musicians playing at a remote venue like Dokkhuset or Rockheim from the studio; use physical rooms across town to create real-life reverberation; try new ways of working by accessing studio hardware and software from your laptop where you live.

Take a look at the specs of our studios and computer labs.

Students playing in the snow

Making music outside the classroom

The Department of Music offers many opportunities should you wish to work with students from our other programmes of study, such as jazz performance, classical performance, musicology and dance studies. Practice your skills in the recording studio with local bands, or why not join one? Get in touch with students working with acoustics or game design to get involved in projects.

An active and varied music scene

Amongst many things to do in your free time, Trondheim has a thriving music scene despite its small size, involving many of our students. Both international and local artists, and everything in between, find their way to Trondheim. "Samfundet" offers students concerts and various cultural events. There are also several bars, a café and a restaurant inside the "red, round building". Students contribute to running all aspects of Samfundet, including everything from live sound, to radio, TV, choir and music ensembles, and you also have the opportunity to get involved in the world's longest student festival. The student community in Samfundet and beyond, contributes greatly to the larger Trondheim music scene.

Enjoy student life in Trondheim

Trondheim is regularly named as the best student town in Norway. Out of a total population of 190 000, 33 000 are university students who make distinct impact on the city. Whether you want vibrant city life or a lighted ski trail – Trondheim has it all!

Take a look at NTNU's site for new students in Trondheim.

Student hiking in Gråkallen mountain seen from Storheia.  Bymarka is a large park and nature reserve on the west side of the city of Trondheim.

Beautiful nature just minutes away

Trondheim lies in the heart of Trøndelag with stunning nature experiences close by. Only a few hours away you can find places like Oppdal, Stokkøya, Inderøya and Dovrefjell, all with spectacular nature and great opportunities for outdoor fun. But you never have to go far to experience nature when living in Trondheim: Bymarka, with its 80 square kilometres of hills, forest, lakes and trails, lies just a 15 minute bus ride from the city centre, and offers rich and varied hiking experiences both spring and fall, and a myriad of cross-country tracks in the winter. Vassfjellet, only 30 minutes away by bus, offers great slopes if you want to try snowboarding or down-hill skiing.

Experience the charm of Trondheim

As a student at one of the music technology study programs at NTNU (Bachelor’s program in Music Technology and Master’s program in Creative Music Technology), you get access to a number of studios and special rooms with updated equipment. Read more about the studios and facilities

If you have questions about the study programme, you may contact student advisor: Jørgen Vie.

Contact the Department of Music at E-mail: