LOS8033 - Doing Research with the Arts as Methodological Practice


Lessons are not given in the academic year 2022/2023

Course content

Lessons in this course is scheduled for spring 2022.

The content of the subject is to develop the ability to articulate, document and critically and ethically reflect about the methodological level of own and others' research in and with the arts. Methodology is understood as every aspect connected to the researcher's choices connected to how the research project is committed.

Central themes are:

- Contextualization on a larger methodological field

- Research questions and matterials

- Documentation, analysis and interpretation

- The relation between researcher and research participants, and ownership to the material

- Ethics

- Dialoguing with theory

- Languaging artistic practice and with-writing

- Methodological quality

Learning outcome


the candidate

  • has expert understanding of artistic research as methodological practice
  • has advanced knowledge about and can evaluate the context of existing methodologies and projects on the field, like artistic research, arts-based research, A/R/Tography, performative inquiry, practice-led research, sensory and embodied ethnography, rhizomatic research.
  • has advanced knowledge about and can contribute innovatively to deeper understanding of how artistic research creativity and ethics intermingle.


the candidate

  • can make visible, document and critically reflect about own and other researchers' projects from a methodological perspective and position this work in relation to a larger, research field
  • can carry out own research in an ethically just and fair way towards participants, materials, contexts and larger surroundings affected by the research project, and critically evaluate the project from an ethical perspective
  • is able to language and write with and from the artistic research project, where the aim is to not reduce, but keep alive and reflect, the complexity and polyvocality of artistic research.

General competence

the candidate

  • has advanced competence in dialoguing with theory, understood as ways of infusing and cross-fertilizing the artistic research project with new perspectives, including necessary friction.
  • has expert competence in analysing and interpreting an artistic research material.

Learning methods and activities

Performative approaches and student-active taks, lectures, collaborations, readings, descussions, digital expositions, performance lectures, written reflections.

Compulsory assignments

  • Colloquium 1
  • Colloquium 2
  • Performance lecture
  • Approved self-chosen syllabus
  • Attendance 80%

Further on evaluation


  1. Digital exposition, including theory-infused written reflection (Individual)

Compulsory activities:

  1. Colloquium 1
  2. Colloquium 2
  3. Performance lecture
  4. Approved self-chosen syllabus
  5. Attendance: 80 %

Through the tasks the student shall develop ways of reflecting around the methodological level in a way that suits the projects investigated, including written parts.

Specific conditions

Limited admission to classes. For more information:

Compulsory activities from previous semester may be approved by the department.

Required previous knowledge

Master's degree or equivalent. PhD students are ranked first upon admission. Admission restrictions*: The course is limited to a of maximum 25 students, where 6 spots are reserved for applicants from other institutions affiliated with NorTED ( If there are less than 5 applicants, the Department of Teacher Education reserves the right to cancel the course. * Applicants will be ranked based on the following criteria and deadline for applications can be found here:

More on the course

Version: 1
Credits:  5.0 SP
Study level: Doctoral degree level



Language of instruction: English

Location: Trondheim

Subject area(s)
  • Teacher Education
Contact information

Department with academic responsibility
Department of Teacher Education


Examination arrangement: Portfolio assessment

Term Status code Evaluation Weighting Examination aids Date Time Examination system Room *
Autumn UTS Compulsory activity 1/3 2022-11-17 INSPERA
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Autumn UTS Compulsory activity 1/3 2022-11-17 INSPERA
Room Building Number of candidates
Autumn UTS Compulsory activity 1/3 2022-11-17 INSPERA
Room Building Number of candidates
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