Information Security

– Year Schedule

This is the year schedule 2019/2020 for Master in Information Security, Master in Computer Science and Experience-based Master in Information Security at NTNU.

Autumn semester information:

  • Mandatory start seminar for new master students during week no 33 or 34
  • Lectures / schedule from week no 33 or 34
  • Schedule/Timeplan will be available from beginning of August
  • Details about the courses will be available through "Blackboard" (Digital course rooms / Learning Management System) from beginning of August (semester registration is required)
  • Course period 7,5 ECTS courses usually from August until December/final exams 
  • If mid-term exams / 5 ECTS courses in the first half of the semester: usually week no 41/42
  • Exam period end of semester - the final exams: week no (49)50/51
  • Re-sit exams (Autumn semester courses) in the beginning of August the year after

Spring semester information:

  • Details about spring semester courses will be available in "Blackboard" from beginning of December (semester registration is required)
  • Only activities per course, no general info seminars during Spring term
  • Lectures/Teaching activities from week no 1/2, check Schedule per course/course code
  • If mid-term exams (5 ECTS courses): usually during week 10-12
  • Exam period end of semester: last week of May, until mid June
  • Re-sit exams (Spring semester courses) in August

The final semester / Master Thesis IMT4904/4903/4905:

  • Master thesis Seminars (mandatory!): Seminar no 1 during the first weeks of January,  and seminar no 2 during March/April. Check Schedule
  • Agreement student & supervisor & external company to be handed in during January or August 
  • Master Thesis final presentation:  Mid June or  beginning of January. Attendance is required! Hand in approximately June 1 or Dec 15