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Information Security

– Year Schedule

Year Schedule

This is the year schedule 2020/2021 for the Master’s Degree Programme in Information Security, the Master’s Degree programme in Applied Computer Science and the Experience-based Master’s Programme in in Information Security at NTNU.

Information about the autumn semester:

  • Mandatory start Seminar for new master students on Friday August 14. 2020. 
  • Lectures/schedule from week no 34 (2020). For further details, check "Programme components" and courses. 
  • Autumn semester schedule/timetable and evt also exam dates, will be available during July-early August. Schedule dates and examination dates will be published per course - "Course descriptions" from the course table in "Programme components". More details in the Seminar Aug 14.
  • Spring semester details per course will be available/published during December.
  • More details about each course will be available through "Blackboard" (Digital course rooms/Learning Management System) from the beginning of August (semester registration is required), more details Aug. 14.
  • Course period for 7,5 ECTS courses from August through November /teaching) + examination (end of November+December). Exceptions may occur, sometimes (but very seldom) courses will be organized as intensive courses during half a semester (details should be included in the Course description, see Course table from "Programme components". 
  • Exam period end of semester - Details in NTNU "Study Calendar". Written exams during end of November plus December, in the spring semester examinations take place from mid-May through June. Home examinations, oral exams and hand-in-projects (=exam) can be outside the main exam period. Will be announced per course from beginning of the semester (more details during Seminar Aug 14.)
  • Re-sit exams will take place in the beginning of August.
  • Intranet / "Innsida" channel per programme: The most important information channel for your study programme, general info + announcements and reminders. Inn addition the "All students" channel.
  • Blackboard - your online classroom "learning management system":  the main channel for information & communication regarding each course when you have signed on. The BB-romm will be avalable the following day when you have registered for a course - do the registration as soon as possible!

Information about the spring semester:

  • Details about spring semester courses will be available on "Blackboard" from the beginning of December (semester registration is required!). Spring semester registration will open approximately on 1 December; use this possibility to get access to more information about the spring courses you intend to take. 
  • Also, schedule and exam information per course will be published during (at the latest) December.
  • Semester 2 = Spring 2021: No seminars are planned, "only" activities per course, "just" check course Schedule/Timeplan.
  • Lectures & teaching activities from the beginning of January, check schedule per course/course code and StudyCalendar
  • Exam period at the end of the semester: mid-May through June
  • Re-sit exams (both Autumn and Spring semester courses) in August.

The final semester / Master Thesis MACS490, MIS4900, IMT4905:

  • Master thesis Seminars/workshop/briefing: We will invite to 1 half-day class meeting during January in your last semester.  Check Schedule MACS490, MIS4900, IMT4905 + BlackBoard Master-the room + Intranet programme channel. Fulltime students: To be completed in 6 months (1 semester/Jan-June or Aug-Dec), part time students (MIS-D and MISEB) can spend 2 semesters (50% student).
  • Master Thesis Agreement student & supervisor & any external company to be handed in during January or August (1 February or 15 September). Approved online by supervisor and the Department. 
  • Master Thesis hand-in: Spring semester: 1 June, autumn semester: 15 December
  • Master Thesis presentation: Mid-June or beginning of January. Attendance is required! 
14 Apr 2020