Information Security

Year Schedule

This is the year schedule for Master in Information Security, Master in Interaction Design, Master in Computer Science and Experiencebased Master in Information Security at NTNU in Gjøvik.

Autumn semester information:

  • Mandatory start seminar for new master students during week no 33 or 34 (2017: Wednesday August 16. For international students there is a mandatory start seminar on August 14, 15 and 16)
  • Lectures / schedule from week no 33 or 34 (2017: from Monday August 21.)
  • Schedule/TimeEdit /Timeplan will be available from beginning of August
  • Details about the courses will be available through ”Fronter” / "Blackboard" (Digital course rooms / Learning Management System) from beginning of August (semester registration is required)
  • Course period 7,5 ects courses usually from August until December/final exams 
  • If mid-term exams / 5 ects courses in the first half of the semester: usually week no 41/42
  • Exam period end of semester - the final exams: week no (49)50/51
  • Re-sit exams (Autumn semester courses) in the beginning of August the year after

Spring semester information:

  • Details about spring semester courses will be available in ”Fronter” / "Blackboard" from beginning of December (semester registration is required)
  • Only activities per course, no general info seminars during Spring term
  • Lectures/Teaching activities from week no 1/2 (2017: from Jan. 9.), check Schedule per course/coursecode
  • If mid-term exams (5 ects courses): usually during week 10-12
  • Exam period end of semester: last week of May, until mid June
  • Re-sit exams (Spring semester courses) in August


The final semester / Master Thesis IMT4904/4903/4905:

  • Master thesis Seminars (mandatory!): Seminar no 1 during the first weeks of January (2017: Jan 12.),  and seminar no 2 during March/April or during Sept./Oct. (part time students). Check Schedule!
  • Agreement student & supervisor & evt external company to be handed in during January or August 
  • Master Thesis final presentation:  Mid June or  beginning of January. Attendance is required! Hand in approximately June 1 or Dec 15