Master’s degree programme, 2 years, Trondheim

Electric Power Engineering

– Admission

Specific programme requirements

BSc/BEng degree in Electric Power Engineering or Electrical Engineering with specialization in power engineering and with average grade of 1st class division or 2nd class upper division.

The candidates must have a minimum of the equivalent of 30 ECTS in mathematics, including 5 ECTS in statistics. The candidates must also have fundamental electromagnetic theory.

An average grade equivalent to a Norwegian C is required in order to be considered.

Application procedures

Step 1: Admission requirements

Make sure you meet all the requirements listed below - follow the links

  1. A first degree (a bachelor's degree) in a relevant field
    • See the study programme of your choice for specific academic requirements
    • The first degree must have been completed by the start of the semester at NTNU in August
  2. English proficiency
  3. Proof of financing for non-EU / non-EEA citizens
  4. Excellent academic performance: A minimum requirement for admission to all programmes is the grade C or better on the ECTS scale. Note that admission is highly competitive. 

    NTNU converts GPAs for education from other countries than Norway, and applicants are ranked based on this assessment. We do not have the capacity to assess your grade average before you apply, and requests to do so will not be obliged. 

Step 2: Deadlines

Make sure you are applying before the deadline

Non-EU / non-EEA students

  • 1 December the year before the start of the programme in August

EU/EEA: If you are from an EU/EEA country and a visa to study in Norway is not required

  • 1 March the same year as the start of the programme in August
  • This deadline also applies to applicants from a non-EU country who have a Norwegian personal ID number and for whom a visa to study in Norway is not required

Nordic / Norwegian students 

  • 15 April the same year as the start of the programme in August

Non-EU applicants

EU/EEA applicants

Norwegian applicants and applicants from other Nordic countries
Main application deadline 1 December 1 March 15 April
Deadline for uploading documentation 15 December 15 March 1 July
Documentation of English / HEC and CHESICC verification 1 February 1 April --
Sending of answers to applications Around 5 April Around 25 May Around 15 July


Step 3: Preparation of required documents


Documents to be prepared for uploading to the application portal

You will need all the documents below to successfully apply for a master's degree

  1. The pages of your passport showing your photo, your full name, your date of birth and your nationality
  2. If applicable, documentation of change of name (e.g. marriage certificate)
  3. Upper Secondary School grade transcript or diploma 
  4. Official transcripts and diplomas from all your college/university education
  5. Copies of English language documentation such as TOEFL or IELTS test results
  6. A letter of motivation 
    • If you are applying to two programmes you can choose if you want to submit one or two letters
  7. An updated CV
  8. Applicants with special needs: Applicants with any type of disability are treated on an equal basis with all other applicants. However, we need to know in advance if you require any additional support during your studies. Please upload a document with a short description of your disability to Søknadsweb. 
  9. Documentation of fundingOnly citizens from countries outside the EU/EEA need to document funding.
  10. Verification reports of educational documents (bachelor’s/undergraduate diplomas): 
    • Applicants who have a first degree from China must submit an application to CHESICC.  The document must be uploaded to Søknadsweb or sent by email to NTNU.  
    • Applicants who have a first degree from Pakistan must submit an application to HEC. Once the transcripts and diplomas have a HEC stamp, they must be uploaded to Søknadsweb or sent by email to NTNU.  

Documents which are not originally in Norwegian, Danish, Swedish or English, must be accompanied by an authorized translation of the original document into English.

All documents must be uploaded in the correct format (.pdf).

Documents to be sent as hard copies by post

  1. Transcripts of bachelor’s/undergraduate diplomas: 
    • Applicants with degrees from Cameroon, Canada, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Ghana, Nigeria, the Philippines, Sudan, Uganda and the USA must send their bachelor’s transcripts as hard copies directly from the relevant college/university, in addition to uploading them online.

To send hard copies to NTNU, please use the following address: 

"Your application number"
International Master's Programmes
O. S. Bragstads plass 3
NO-7491 Trondheim

Showing originals after arrival at NTNU

Students who are admitted must bring all the original documents with them to NTNU. Students failing to present all relevant original documents upon request may be denied admission or later told to leave the university. 

Step 4: Application

If you have successfully followed step 1 - 3, you can proceed to the application portal
  1. Go to the application portal Søknadsweb.
  2. Select language in the top right-hand corner where it says "Norsk bokmål".
  3. Click on "International Applicant".
  4. Click on "Register new international applicant".
  5. Answer the question regarding your English qualifications.
  6. Answer the question regarding residence permit in Norway.
  7. Answer the question concerning funding.
  8. You have now reached the application form. Please register as an applicant, and you will receive your password by e-mail.
  9. Log on to Søknadsweb with your e-mail address and password, and fill in the application details.
  10. As the final step of the application process, you will be asked to submit the required documentation. Upload all the required documents and make sure they have the correct format (.pdf). 
  11. Please note that there is no "submit"-button.
  12. You can change your application as many times as you like up until the deadline.

Submitting multiple applications

Please do not register as an ‘international applicant' more than once. If you wish to submit more than one application (e.g. International Master's and Erasmus Mundus), you must log on to Søknadsweb with the email address and password you received the first time you registered. Then choose ‘New application'. If you have forgotten your password, please request a new one through Søknadsweb.

FAQ and contact information



If you have questions, please consult our FAQ before contacting us. You can also join our Facebook group for international master's applicants. 


To email documents to NTNU after Søknadsweb has closed, use


To send hard copies to NTNU, please use the following address: 

"Your application number"
International Master's Programmes
O. S. Bragstads plass 3
NO-7491 Trondheim


For applicants with a bachelors degree from a Norwegian or Nordic institution

Studenter med 3-årig bachelor (ingeniørhøgskole) fra Linje for elkraftteknikk kan søke.

Karaktersnittet fra din bachelorutdanning må være C eller bedre for at du skal være kvalifsert.

Informasjon om søknad til studiet finnes på NTNUs Søknadsweb.

1.     Logg inn på Søknadsweb,

2.     Deretter vil du få en mulighet for å gå videre til de internasjonale masterprogrammene.

Om krav relatert matematiske metoder og statistikk

Teknologi-/sivilingeniørstudiets Matematikk 1-4 og Statistikk skal være dekket, det vil si at søkerne minst må ha bestått eksamen i fagene Matematiske metoder I, II og III eller tilsvarende + Statistikk i ingeniørutdanningen (minimum 30 studiepoeng matematikk og statistikk fra ingeniørhøgskolen).

NB! Det gis ikke sommerkurs ved NTNU tilsvarende ingeniørutdanningens Matematiske metoder III. Eksamen i Matematiske metoder III må derfor bestås i ingeniørutdanningen før opptak ved NTNU.

Søkere som mangler matematiske metoder III henvises til å konkurrere om opptak til 1. årskurs i det 5-årige studieprogrammet Energi og miljø, dvs. søke opptak via Samordna opptak.

Application deadlines

Non-EU/non-EEA students: 
1 December 2019

EU/EEA students: 
1 March 2020

Norwegian/Nordic students:
15 April 2020

The application portal for International Master's degrees will open mid-october, Nordic and EU/EEA students can apply after 1 February 2020


  Please see our FAQ
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