Start of studies MSELSYS

Electronic Systems Design - Master's Programme, 2 years - Trondheim

Start of studies

Welcome as a new student at NTNU! Here you can see what happens during the first period of studies.

Start of studies 2024

Start of studies 2024

Velkomstdag for nye kvinnelige studenter søndag 11. august

Før immatrikulering og offisiell skolestart inviterer prosjektet Ada til velkomstdag for nye kvinnelige studenter innen teknologiutdanningene.

Her får du mulighet til å bli kjent med medstudenter, fra samme og på tvers av samme klasse, og du vil få informasjon om aktivitetene i Ada.

Denne dagen er et frivillig tilbud. Du går ikke glipp av noe faglig hvis du ikke kan være med.

Les mer om program og påmelding for velkomstdagen

Forberedende kurs for nye studenter.

Disse dekker viktige forkunnskaper for det 2-årige masterprogramet i Electronic Systems Design og som ofte ikke er tilstrekkelig dekket gjennom ingeniørutdanningen.

Monday August 12th


Time: 12:00 – 13:45

Location: Auditorium EL2

Welcome to NTNU and the Department of Electronic Systems

  • Get to know the 2-year study program and the staff and research groups involved
  • Meet students already in the program
  • Get to know the Student Welfare Organization (SiT), the student organization St. Omega Broderskab, and our Buddy program for international students
  • Lunch

Matriculation ceremony – welcome ceremony for new students at NTNU

Time: 14.00

Location: Behind the main building

Meet your fellow students and experience your first day as a student with your new friends.

You will participate in this formal ceremony together with your buddy group. The ceremony will include musical performances, speeches and you will get a glimpse into life as a student at NTNU.

Join the Buddy Week, Tuesday August 13th

Join the Buddy Week kick-off organized by Studentersamfundet (the Student Society) and get a social start to your study time! All new students can participate. We fill Elgeseterparken (above the street from the Society) with life and excitement. There will be stands from over 70 different organizations, a stage with shows, a food area with several different types of free food, and a seating area with benches and tables. It will be an ideal start before the evening’s festivities. This will be a big and fun celebration of student volunteering and all it has to offer, and we hope you want to take part in it with us.

Location: Elgeseterparken
Time: 14.00–17.00

Buddy week organized by St. Omega Broderskap

Join the Buddy week (Norwegian page only) and meet new friends from the first day of studies! All new students can participate.

The student organization St. Omega Broderskap arranges the Buddy week for the 2-year master in Electronic systems design.

You must sign up to be assigned a Buddy group.

All further information will be shared in a closed Facebook group which will be available by end of summer. 

If you have questions about the Buddy week, you can contact Omega at

We look forward to welcoming you!

During the Orientation week, you will get to know NTNU, your city and other international students in fun ways, and learn everything you need to know to get started in Norway and settle in at NTNU. The Office of International Relations arranges the orientation week.

Orientation Week - NTNU in Trondheim

You can easily get to campus by public transport:

Public transport in Trondheim ( 

Find your way on campus

The MazeMap app will guide you to the different buildings and lecture rooms on campus.

Download the MazeMap app for Android (Google Play) and for iPhone (AppStore).

NTNU has various part-time classes to help you learn Norwegian as a second language, including a free online course. 

Exchange students can join a 3-week intensive summer course in August.

Course timetables - If  there is no timetable, please contact the department responsible for the course

If you have any special needs, NTNU can provide with several support services. Read more about the disability office.

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For new international students

Register for courses, create a user account, connect to wireless network etc.

Arrival checklist

Join our Facebook group

Join our facebook group

Meet your fellow students in the Facebook group for Electronic Systems Design.

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