Master's degree programme, 2 years

Globalisation and Sustainable Development

– Career Prospects

This Master's programme is designed to provide its students with the specialist knowledge and transferable skills to pursue careers in global corporations, non-governmental organizations or with international campaigning groups.

Students on our internship programme currently have the opportunity to work in a variety of industrial contexts, including the telecommunication, oil and shipping sectors, for a variety of global NGOs, working on environmental, health and educational issues and with multilateral institutions such as the UN, as well as in local government.

Anna Dun

I finished my studies in spring 2013 and I work now at Norbit Subsea. It is a supplier of instrumentation and communication solutions. The company produces acoustic based sensors, which application range includes, for example, bathymetric surveys and underwater oil and gas leakage detection.

Norbit Subsea is a company in Norbit Group, which is an industrial corporation with companies in four main areas: 
1. Subsea
2. ITS (Intelligent Traffic Systems)
3. ODM (Original Design Manufacturing of Industrial Electronics)
4. EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services)

The head office is located in Trondheim, but we have several other offices in Norway, Poland, and USA. We also have several subsidiaries in Norway and Iceland. I am located in the main office in Trondheim. I work in Sales and Marketing as a Market Research Specialist. My main focus is the Russian market. 

I think what has really helped me in terms of my work now is my internship. It was an excellent experience both in terms of practice and meeting a lot of interesting people from the business I am currently working in. In terms of the courses that we had, the most relevant for me was Knowledge Management. In addition, I have taken an extra (and very valuable for me) course at the Industrial Economics Department in Gløshaugen about Industrial Marketing and International Business. It was not a part of our programme, but being enrolled in the Globalisation Programme allowed us to focus on very different things from different fields of study (that was particularly evident through the fact that we were able to write our master`s theses at different departments), so this can be also contributed to the benefits of our programme so to say.

David Isaac Z

I finished my studies spring 2013. I think the program was very beneficial to me, intellectually and in terms of getting a job. I've applied for my PhD in the United States, and having an MSc in Globalization I think was very beneficial to my application. I also think the internship was extremely valuable for job opportunities as well as learning how to network with people in Washington D.C.

Right now, I'm also working as an adjunct professor at two colleges in the United States. I teach in a Political Science department at one college, and I teach in a Humanities department at another college.