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Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS) (Master's Programme)

Student life

Study environment rams

As a Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS) Master's degree student, you will be offered your own individual work-space in a new and modern building, access to modern facilities for seminars, lectures, and relaxation, as well as a modern computer lab. As one of maximum 30 students (from different countries and cultures), you will soon become acquainted with your fellow students.

NTNU and SINTEF together constitute the largest academic environment in Europe within safety, reliability and maintenance, and has established the ROSS Gemini Centre. 

Student organisation 

Smørekoppen is a student organization that aims to ensure that all its students feel a sense of belonging outside of the classroom. You can join a bunch of our different committees, for example our football teams, an engineering group, our band or maybe you want to work at our bar?

RAMS students in front of NTNU main building. Photo: Yanzhu Yu.
NTNU RAMS 2018-2020 master students. Photo: Yanzhu Yu

Students experience

What our RAMS students say

“The distinctive element of the RAMS program is its interdisciplinary learning environment and provision of an excellent prospect to thrive in an exciting atmosphere through interaction with students and professionals from various disciplines. I have learnt that how we can provide meaning to the concepts within safety, reliability and risk management disciplines for optimizing complex industrial problems with the sole objective of safety and business sustainability. In terms of employment outlook, it is unlike any other master’s degree because it provides students with the opportunity to pursue a wide range of careers which is as cool as its acronym ‘RAMS’ sounds.”

- Syed Ibtehaj, Functional Safety Engineer at Equinor

“What attracted me most to RAMS was the overlap between my work as an engineer and learning about failure patterns, risk management, systems engineering, and maintenance best practices. The connections I made between the theoretical & practical were exciting and propelled me to make changes from within my company to drastically improve.”

- Veronica Tverbakk, Configuration Manager/Signalling Engineer at Bane NOR Marienborg

“It may sound a bit cheesy but I have found a passion for risk and safety through the RAMS courses I took at NTNU. I think this master's degree has helped me build a strong foundation in said topics, and I am very much looking forward to further developing my understanding of them (both theoretically and their application in several industrial and societal sectors) in the future.”

- Greatania Juardi, RAMS-Consultant at Future Technology

Student in Trondheim

Student in Trondheim

Trondheim is known for its great student environment and has been named Norway's best student city. Trondheim has over 180 000 inhabitants and 33 000 students who make their mark on the city. Whatever you like to do in your spare time, you will definitely find something to do in Trondheim.  

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Advantages RAMS


The Master's programme builds on many years of experience from industry-related projects and research. In an evaluation of all engineering programmes in Norway conducted by an international expert panel, the group responsible for this Master's programme (RAMS group) received excellent marks in all the categories evaluated:

  1. scientific quality and productivity
  2. relevance and impact
  3. strategy, organization and research cooperation.

Together with scientists from the research foundation SINTEF, this group represents the largest research organization in Europe within RAMS.