Norwegian for Foreigners

- Levels 1-4 and Short Course

Applicants are divided into two main categories:

  1. Applicants with NTNU affiliation
    This includes Academic staff at NTNU, PhD Candidates, Postdoctoral Fellows, International master's students and Exchange students. Also for spouses/partners of Academic staff with a permanent position at NTNU, who will be paid for by their spouse's Department/Faculty.
  2. Applicants without NTNU affiliation
    Immigrants who have a residence permit in Norway, also spouses of PhD Candidates, of Postdoctoral Fellows and of students at NTNU. Please note that applicants belonging to this category can not apply for level 1 or Short course.

Admission requirements
Applicants must fulfill the minimum NTNU entrance requirements, with the exception of the language requirements, and have a residence permit in Norway. Applicants for level 2 have to document level 1, Norskprøve 2 from Folkeuniversitetet, or Norskprøven. Applicants for level 4 must have passed level 3 or equivalent, and are ranked by level 3 results.

All applications are processed in accordance with the Admission Regulations: §31 Forskrift om opptak til studier ved NTNU For English translation click here

Course fee and Semester fee
Academic staff (including PhD Candidates, Postdoctoral Fellows) with a duration of stay of minimum 1 year are guaranteed a place in level 1-3, provided their Department covers the course fee.The fee is NOK 3500 per Level, and NOK 1750 for the Short course. A letter of confirmation from their Department for coverage of the course fee must be submitted. This also applies to spouses/partners of Academic staff with a permanent position at NTNU, who will be paid for by their spouse's Department. Academic staff will not be granted admission if their Department does not cover the course fee. In addition the ordinary semester fee must be paid by the applicant.

International students and other applicants will be ranked in accordance with the Admission Regulations and have to pay the ordinary semester fee (do not apply for exchange students).

Education in the original language must always be documented. Documentation in other languages than English or Scandinavian languages must be officially translated. For some countries additional conditions applies, see here for more information 

The following documents must be submitted:

  1. For Academic staff (including PhD Candidates and Postdoctoral  Fellows) at NTNU:
    a. Work contract at NTNU
    b. A statement from your Department/Faculty guaranteeing that  they will pay the course fee
  2. For International Masters and Exchange students at NTNU:
    No documents or application file needed - only online application.
  3. For Spouses of Academic staff with a permanent position at NTNU:
    a. High school and university education 
    b. Your spouse's contract of employment at NTNU
    c. Marriage certificate
    d. A statement from your spouse's Department/Faculty guaranteeing that they will pay for the course
  4. For Applicants without NTNU affiliation:
    a. A valid residence permit  
    b. A copy of your passport
    c. Educational documents. Both high school and university education

Applicants not holding a Norwegian personal ID number have to submit a copy of their passport. When you have receieved the Norwegian personal ID number please notify Student Services Office at Dragvoll or Gløshaugen.

Deadline for forwarding missing documentation is 1 July for the Autumn Semester and 1 December for the Spring Semester. 

Results are announced end of July for Autumn semester and
beginning of January for Spring semester  . All applicants will be notified by email about the outcome of their application ....


How to apply

1. Register your application online by using Søknadsweb. (click here for help). Opens 1 May 2014.
2. After the online registration you have to print out the application file and download the requested documents within one week (does not apply for NTNU Master and exchange students, registration on Søknadsweb is sufficient).

Application deadline:
1 June
for Autumn semester
1 November for Spring semester 

NTNU Master and exchange students can not use their temporary ID number sent from the Student and Academic Division, only the Norwegian national ID number from the Norwegian Tax Administration. Before you apply on søknadsweb you have to notify the Student Services Office that you have received your national ID number. After your new number is registered, you have to log on Søknadsweb with this number and your pin. Use your NTNU student email account.

Applicants who have not recieved their Norwegian personal ID number must send an email to within the application deadline.

Test for Level 3 only

From 2014, applicants who apply for level 2 must have passed Level 1 or the former "Norskprøve 2" from Folkeuniversitetet or the new "Norskprøven".  See here for more details about the requirements for level 2.

Applicants for level 3, who have not taken Level 2, must take a placement test in order to qualify. The test is for internal use only, and is used to evaluate the level of proficiency in Norwegian to see if the applicant qualify for level 3. Please note that you can not qualify for Level 2 by taking the test for Level 3. 

The placement test is arranged 19 June 2014. Applicants who have to sit for the test, will receive an email 1 week beforehand with further information on how to register.

Course content

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