Norwegian For Foreigners

Norwegian For Foreigners

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Norwegian for Foreigners

Applicants have to fulfill the minimum NTNU entrance requirements, with the exception of the Norwegian language requirement, and have a valid residence permit in Norway. It is required of all applicants that they fulfill the English language requirements. All applications are processed in accordance with the Admission Regulations: § 46 - 49, Forskrift om opptak til studier ved NTNU

Applicants are divided into two main categories:
1.    Applicants with NTNU affiliation
This includes academic staff at NTNU, PhD candidates, postdoctoral fellows, international master's students and exchange students. Also for spouses/partners of academic staff with a permanent position at NTNU, who will be paid for by their partner's department/faculty. Administrative staff with a permanent position. 

2.    Applicants without NTNU affiliation
Immigrants who have a residence permit in Norway, also partners of PhD candidates, of postdoctoral fellows, and of students at NTNU. Please note that applicants belonging to this category cannot apply for level 1 or the short course.

Applicants without NTNU affiliation are ranked according to the amount of credits they have documented from higher education. Only that which is equivalent to higher education in Norway can be taken into consideration.

You can find more information about documentation, course fee and level requirements under these links. 

How to apply
The application deadline is 1 June for autumn semester, and 1 November for spring semester. You have to register a new application on Søknadsweb every semester. Registration on Studentweb is not sufficient.
1.     Register your application on Søknadsweb  (Opens 1 May for autumn and 1 October for spring semester). If you have a NTNU username and password you should use this information to log in. If not, use your ID number and create a 4 digit pin. Applicants who have not yet received their Norwegian ID number have to log in as an International applicant. New exchange students have to log in on Søknadsweb with the same email address and password that they used when they registered the initial exchange application. Choose "new application" and select "Norwegian For Foreigners". Select "Short course" if you are on exchange for 1 semester. Level 1 is only for exchange students on exchanges lasting at least 2 semesters.

2.     When you have successfully registered your application you will receive a confirmation via e-mail. Upload all required documentation within one week on Søknadsweb (International master's and exchange students do not have to do this).

3.     The results of the admission are sent via email around the end of July for the autumn semester, and the beginning of January for spring semester.  You have to register your reply on Søknadsweb within the given deadline. 

Uploading documents

You have to upload the required documentation on Søknadsweb within one week after registering your application. For more information see "Documentation". You can see which documents we already have access to in My documents on Søknadsweb. 

You upload documents via My applications > My documents on Søknadsweb. Please upload different attachments separately (but put all pages of the same attachment in one file) and name the attachments appropriately. Upload both sides of two sided documents. Make sure that uploaded files are in a standard document or picture format and that scanned documents are of a good quality. 

Notifications concerning your application will be sent to you via e-mail only. It is therefore important that you check your e-mail regularly and that you ensure that your registered e-mail address is correct. The results of the admission will be sent to you via e-mail and posted on Søknadsweb.




Contact the Admissions Office by e-mail or by telephone +47 73 59 77 00 if you have questions about the admission process. 

For information about the course, timetables etc. see: or contact the Department of Language and Literature: