PhD programme in Language and Linguistics

phd programme (doctoral education)

PhD programme in Language and Linguistics

– Career options

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A PhD is the highest level of formalized education in Norway.

A doctoral degree from NTNU qualifies you to a range of positions both in the private and public sector.

Research shows that people with a doctoral degree have a very high degree of employment. Though academia has traditionally been considered the main career path for doctors, an increasing number is going into leading positions in the private sector.

Most doctors from the Faculty of Humanities continue in academia as postdoctoral fellows, researchers, associate professors and, eventually, full professors. Outside of academia we find our doctors in the museum sector, the Language Council of Norway, Arts Council Norway, Statped, the Research Council of Norway and the research sector. A few are also self-employed creating their own work place.

The faculty did a survey in 2013 looking at where our doctors are employed after completing their doctoral degrees. The result shows that most of the doctors from the Faculty of Humanities go into relevant jobs where they use their education both directly and indirectly, through the skills and abilities they have developed through their studies.