Annual reports

Annual reports

Section 9 of the Regulations concerning the Philosophiae Doctor degree (PhD) at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, outlines the report procedures of the PhD-programmes.


Both candidate and main supervisor are to report to the Faculty. Additional supervisors may report together with the main supervisor or on their own.

How often?

The progress reports are to be handed in annually. Starting with the year 2011 the deadline at the Faculty of Humanities is December 1.


The candidate and the main supervisor hand in reports independently of each other. Links to the forms can be found on the right.


In order for the Faculty of Humanities to adequately follow up its PhD candidates, the Faculty is dependent on feedback on the current state of affairs. Open communication between all involved parties is a prerequisite for a good working relationship.

Progress reports

Progress reports

Progress reports for PhD candidates: DOC PDF

Progress reports for PhD supervisors: DOC PDF