Finalising the PhD

Finalising the PhD

There are many things to remember in the final phase of your PhD. This is a checklist for those final stages.

Coursework components

Make sure all the courses that make up the compulsory coursework have been approved and registered. Your thesis will not be sent to the evaluation committee before your 30 ECTS points are registered as completed. You can check this for yourself at StudentWeb.

Evaluation committee

Make sure that the Department are aware that you are about to hand-in your thesis. The Department is responsible for suggesting an evaluation committee to the Faculty. According to the PhD regulations this suggestion should be handed in to the Faculty along with the thesis. Sometimes it takes awhile to find members for the committee, and it is therefore important that the Department is informed ahead of time.

Handing in your thesis

Once the coursework components have been approved, the dissertation has been written and the Department has prepared a suggestion for the evaluation committee, it is time to hand-in your thesis. The Faculty of Humanities will pay for 5 copies made at NTNU-trykk. You should keep one copy for yourself and hand in four copies to the Faculty of Humanities. These copies will be sent to the evaluation committee. Along with your thesis, you are to hand in an application for evaluation of thesis. You should also send in a your thesis as a PDF to either Gro Lurås or Vemund Warud at the Faculty.

After submission

The Faculty has more information regarding how to proceed after submitting your thesis, the assessment committee's work and the trial lecture and defence at Innsida.