Our registration system is now closed. Please note: This page remains active here for informative purposes.

Please be aware that by registering, you agree to abide by the WAC 2019 Code of Conduct.

To help you in planning and budgeting, the registration timelines and rates are presented next. Notice that NTNU staff and students are exempt from VAT:

Information about registration.

Early registration

(until September 22, 2019)

Late registration

(until the conference days)



3125,- inc. vat (Approx. € 312,-)

5000,- inc. vat (Approx. € 500,-)


1250,- inc. vat (Approx. € 125,-)

2500,- inc. vat (Approx. € 250,-)

NTNU regular

2500,- exc. vat (Approx. € 250,-)

4000,- exc. vat (Approx. € 400,-)

NTNU student

1000,- exc. vat (Approx. € 100,-)

2000,- exc. vat (Approx. € 200,-)


PLEASE NOTE: by October 6, 2019, each accepted paper should be covered by an author registration. Papers that do not have an accompanying registration by this date will be removed from the proceedings. Both student and full registrations will be accepted as valid author registrations. A limited number of diversity tickets are available (for additional information about the call for diversity, visit Call for Diversity). Also notice that VAT is only excluded for those who are affiliated with NTNU. 

Early and late registrations include:

  • Admission to the Welcome Reception on December 3.
  • Admission to all main conference presentation days, from December 4-6, including lunch and coffee breaks.
  • Admission to the Concert on December 4.
  • Admission to the Conference Banquet on December 5. 
  • Admission to the Workshops on December 6.
  • Admission to the Final Concert Party on December 6.

Single banquet tickets can be purchased for the banquet dinner on December 5.

Cancellation Fee: 500 NOK until one month before the conference (until November 4, 2019).


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