Conference Venue

The Natural Sciences Building (Realfagbygget): Conference Venue

The conference venue for the three days (8:15-17:00, Wednesday through Friday) is NTNU Realfagsbygget, the new natural science building at the south end of the Gløshaugen campus. 

Image of Realfagbygget. Photo by: Stig Sund/NTNU.
Realfagbygget. Photo by: Stig Sund/NTNU.

We will be mostly located in the auditorium R5, will have lunch food at SIT, and will showcase artworks, posters & demos in several reserved rooms in the same building (R3, R30, R90, R91, R92).


Floor plan of Realfagbygget
Floor plan of Realfagbygget.


R5 Auditorium

All papers, oral presentations and one keynote will take place in the R5 auditorium (Floor u1), while posters & demos are on display in the foyer immediately outside and spread into several reserved rooms. If you zoom in on the Mazemap below, you will find the exact location. You can also find the auditorium using Realfagbygget on Mazemap. We recommend Mazemap to navigate the campus.

Image of R5 Auditorium. Photo by Anna Xambó.
R5 Auditorium. Photo by Anna Xambó.

Lunch is served at SIT Kafe Realfag (Floor 1) just one staircase up. If you zoom in on the Mazemap below, you will find the exact location.

Image of SIT Kafe Realfag. Photo by: Anna Xambó.
SIT Kafe Realfag. Photo by: Anna Xambó.

Concert Venue

Rockheim: Concert Venue

The concert and one of the keynotes on Wednesday evening will take place at Rockheim, the national museum of popular music. The building itself has won prices for its ingenious remake of an old storehouse with its characteristic "hat" of LED lights. The museum is well worth a visit! You find it here:

Image of Rockheim. Photo by: Rockheim/Kriss Stemland.
Rockheim. Photo by: Rockheim/Kriss Stemland.

Access by elevator to all floors. No skirting boards or other obstructions in the audience areas. Wheelchairs for lending is possible.

HC toilets on the ground floor, 4th and 5th floor (including changing rooms on the ground floor and 4th floors).

(Rockheim facilitates ramps where needed in the exhibition areas. Light, portable folding chairs can be brought around in the exhibitions.)

In the concert venue, Rockheim prioritize wheelchair users with escorts/personal assistant upon entering, to ensure a good spot in the room.

Audio induction loop is provided at the ticket booth in the first floor, and in the concert hall.

For additional information about Rockheim, visit Tilgjengelighet på Rockheim (in Norwegian only), or contact Rockheim directly at / +47 73 60 50 70 with questions

Parking: Brattøra P-house next to Rockheim. Exit from the "Nordre avlastningsvei" just off Rockheim. There are also handicap parking lots just off Rockheim, on the seafront.


Website: Rockheim official website

Address: Brattørkaia 14, 7010 Trondheim

Reception Venue

Trondheim Kommune Hall: Reception Venue

The Trondheim Kommune (Trondheim Municipality) with Mayor Rita Ottervik have invited us to a Welcome Reception & Concert in the Trondheim Kommune Hall.


Website: TRONDHEIM KOMMUNE official website

Address: City Hall (Rådhuset), Munkegata 1

Banquet Venue

Dahls Brewery: Banquet Venue

The banquet dinner will take place on Thursday evening at the E. C. Dahls Brewery, founded in 1856. The restaurant is inside this historical local pub. You find it here:

Image of Dahls Brewery. Photo by: E.C. Dahls Brewery.
Dahls Brewery. Photo by: E.C. Dahls Brewery.

The restaurant and business department have a universal design, and there is an elevator, as well as a disabled toilet.


Website: E.C. DAHLS official website

Address: Strandveien 71, 7042 Trondheim

Final Party Venue

Cinemateket: Open Mic Concert Venue

The final concert and party scheduled on Friday evening at Cinemateket Trondheim, a special and cosy venue in the downtown of Trondheim. 


Website: cinemateket official website

Address: Kjøpmannsgata 48, 7011 Trondheim


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