Department of Energy and Process Engineering

Programmes of Study


The department supplies courses primarily used in the degree programmes listed above. The specializations within these programmes which are particularly tied to our fields of expertise are:

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Doctoral Studies in Energy and Process Engineering

This post-graduate programme is typically three-years in length, and each doctoral candidate's study is typically financed by a research fellowship. The topic of one's doctoral thesis will normally be tied to research and development projects that are being carried out at the department or within associated research groups. Contact the Department of Energy and Process Engineering, for information about available positions.

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Courses at the department ( EPT )

Photo seminar

Technology Portal

«TeknologiPorten» is the industry contact organization for advanced degree programmes ( at the Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology. The organization arranges company presentations each semester, academically relevant theme nights, and excursions; serving 2900 MSc. students.

Norwegian Industry Contact

Together with Norwegian industrial actors, the master's programme Mechanical Engineering (PUP) hav established the "PUP industry window" (Industrivinduet PuP), to foster collaboration and create an arena for contact between industry members and students. The organization also seeks to ensure the quality and relevence of the master's programme.