Research at the Department of Art and Media Studies

Research at the Department of Art and Media Studies covers a wide range
of areas within Media Studies, Film Studies, Art History, Drama and Theatre
Studies. Our knowledge production is focused on art and art practices, and is based
on theories and methods from the Humanities. Many of our scholars are engaged in both internal and external interdisciplinary research and
The most central focal point within for our research within Media Studies, are
images (photography in particular), visual culture and image theory, medical images, digital images, archives, city portraits, and sound.
The research within film studies has both historical and theoretical
approaches and covers both cinema and television. Norwegian film
history and documentary have been particular important areas.
Both theoretical and production related themes are being researched today,
together with studies of contemporary cinema.
In Art history the middle ages is one important research
area, along with art criticism, architecture, modernism and gender and performance within the contemporary field.
Drama and theatre has a practical profile with studies of theatre
practices and pedagogy, but researchers are also doing studies on global theatre, youth theatre and Norwegian theatre history.