Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology

Department of Marine Technology (IMT)

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The Department of Technology (IMT) educates and conducts research about methods and techniques which facilitate the assessment and development of technical and operational solutions for Norway's biggest export industries: oil and gas extraction at sea, ship technology with corresponding equipment industry, fisheries technology and aquaculture technology.




  • video flapping foilCombining the low resistance of hydrofoil vessels with the efficient propulsion methods found in nature. Main inventor: John M. Godø, Phd candidate at IMT (NTNU). (January 2017)


  • logo Ocean Week

  • Polar NightVisit the Polar Night exhibition at the NTNU University Museum (NTNU Vitenskapsmuseet)!
    IMT researchers are participating in the exhibition about Polar night studies using underwater robotics. (October 2016)
    - open September 2016 through May 2017!