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Telegrams from the Arctic Ocean Research Cruise in Aug.-Sept. 2016

Live Blog from the Oden Icebreaker

– 19 September 2016

ORC 2016

Local time: 12.33 UTC+1
Position: 78° 13.96'N 015° 37.51'E
Heading: 309°
Speed: 0.3 knots
Water depth: 203 m
Wind speed: 5.6 m/s
Air temperature: 3.91°C
Feels like (wind chill): 0.02°C
Sea temperature: 5.1°C

Photo (NTNU): Picture from 21 August.

The expedition is coming to an end and we have reached Longyearbyen. It was a rough transit from the ice edge, with 4-5 meters waves and 30 m/s wind. We are now packing down our equipment, and are getting ready for our flight back home tomorrow. I have learnt a lot during the expedition, and I hope that I can join another one in the future. - Jon Bjørnø (SAMCoT/IMT)

Involved PhD candidates from NTNU: Hans-Martin Heyn (AMOS/SAMCoT/IMT), Jon Bjørnø (SAMCoT/IMT) and Runa Skarbø (CIRFA/BAT)

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