Centres that are managed by staff of the Department of Marine Technology:

  • Centre for Autonomous Marine Operations and Systems (AMOS, Centre of Excellence)
  • Centre for Ships and Ocean Structures (CeSOS, Centre of Excellence 2002-2012)
  • Rolls-Royce University Technology Center (RR UTC)

Research Projects at the Department of Marine Technology

European Projects

Project Programme
AQUAEXCEL 2020: AQUAculture Infrastructures for EXCELlence in European Fish Research towards 2020 Horisont 2020
Blue Mining: Breakthrough Solutions for the Sustainable Expliration and Extraction of Deep Sea Mineral Resources 7th Framework Programme (European Union)
COLUMBUS: Monitoring, Managing and Transferring Marine and Maritime Knowledge for Sustainable Blue Growth Horisont 2020
Hydralab IV: A Network Dealing with the Complex Interaction of Water with Environmental Elements, Sediment, Structures and Ice 7th Framework Programme (European Union)
HyDynPro: Hydroelastic Effects and Dynamic Response of Propellers and Thrusters Era-Net MARTEC Project HyDynPro
MARE-WINT: New Materials and REliability in Offshore WINd Turbines Technology 7th Framework Programme (European Union: Marie Curie)
MARINA: A Platform Project to Establish a Set of Equitable and Transparent Criteria for the Evaluation of Multi-purpose Platforms for Marine Renewable Energy 7th Framework Programme (European Union: ENERGY)
SWARMs: Smart and Networking Underwater Robots in Cooperation Meshes ECSEL (European Union) 


National Projects

Project Programme
Air-sea Interaction and Transport Mechanisms in the Ocean NRC (FRINATEK)
Arctic Field Logistic and Transarctic Shipping  Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA B2020)
Arctic DP: Safe and Green Dynamic Positioning Operations of Offshore Vessels in an Arctic Environment NRC (KMB)
Brohode Frøya Innovation Norway & Sør-Trøndelag County Authority
Corrosion Fatigue of Armor Wire Statoil ASA
Design and Verification of Control Systems for Safe and Energy-efficient Vessels with Hybrid Power Plants (D2V) NRC (KMB)
Development of a Significantly More Efficient and Eco-friendly Fishing Vessel (ECOFIVE) NRC
Dimensioning Sea Loads on Offshore Wind Turbines in Shallow to Intermediate Waters (DIMSELO) NRC 
Et Fullskalalaboratorium eller Testing av Fremtidens Marine Teknologi i Tett Samarbeid Mellom
Næring og Akademia (F/F Gunnerus)
Exploitation Technologies for Marine Minerals on the Extended Norwegian Continental Shelf (MarMine) NRC (BIA)
Fergefri E39 - Forskning Knyttet til Flytebruer og Flytende Nedsenkede Tunneler fra 2014  Norwegian Public Roads Administration
FIV & VIV in Ultra-deep Waters UIT Solutions
Forprosjekt Risiko Norske Skip Norwegian Maritime Authority
Full Scale Performance Prediction for Energy Efficient Ship Design (PropScale) NRC (KPN)
Handling Uncertainty in the Design of Ocean Engineering Systems (SIMOSYS) NRC (KpN)
Holistic Risk-based Design for Sustainable Artic Sea Transport (RISKAT) NRC (KpN)
Joint Centre of Excellence for Arctic Shipping and Operations Lloyd Register Foundation
Kjedet Flytebru NRC (BIA)
Low Energy and Emission Design of Ships (LEEDS) NRC (KMB)
Maritime Logistics Fleet Size and Mix (MARFLIX) NRC (KMB)
National Ship Risk Model NRC (SMARTRANS)
Next Generation Subsea Inspection, Maintenance and Repair (NextGenIMR) NRC (KpN)
Qualitative Assessment North Rankin Alpha Alliance Engineering Consultant Pty. Ltd
Reducing Risk in Aquaculture - Improving Operational Efficiency, Safety and Sustainability NRC
Safe, Environmental Friendly, and Cost Effective Operation of Vessels and Installations in the Arctic NRC (BIA)
Sea Trials and Model Test for Validation of Shiphandling Simulation Models (SimVal) NRC (KPN)
SFI Exposed Aquaculture Operations (EXPOSED) NRC (SFI)
SFI Marine Operations (MOVE) NRC (SFI)
SFI Smart Maritime - Norwegian Centre for Improved Energy-efficiency and Reduced Emissions from the Maritime Sector  NRC (SFI)
SFI Sustainable Marine and Coastal Technology (SAMCoT)  NRC (SFI)
Ship Concepts for Harvesting Recovery and Storage of Energy (HRS-Ship) NRC (BIP)
Sustainable Design of Ships for the Future (SHIP-4C) NRC (KMB)
SUSTAINFARMEX - Towards Sustainable Fish Farming at Exposed Marine Sites NRC (KMB)
University Technology Centre (UTC): Providing an Integrated and Validated Approach to "Performance in a Seaway" Rolls-Royce Marine AS
Virtual Prototyping of Marine Systems and Operations (ViProMa) NRC (KpN)
WaveSpring - Discovery Verification Aalborg University



NRC: Research Council of Norway
KPN/KMB: Knowledge building project for the industry (Kompetanseprosjekter for næringslivet)
BIP: User-driven innovation project (Brukerstyrt innovasjonsprosjekt)
BIA: User-driven innovation platform (Brukerstyrt innovasjonsarena) 
FRINATEK: Independent projects in mathematics, natural sciences and technology under the FRIPRO funding scheme 
SFI: Centre for Research-based Innovation
SMARTRANS: Næringslivets transporter og ITS

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