Norwegian for Foreigners

Norsk for utledninger. Foto. The courses Norwegian for Foreigners consists of:

  • Short courses (basic). Corresponds to half of Level 1.
  • Level 1 (beginners)
  • Level 2 (intermediate)
  • Level 3 (advanced)
  • Level 4 (proficiency course)

The courses start in January (Spring) and August (Autumn).  Each course lasts one semester.

START SPRING SEMESTER 2015: WEEK 4 (19. January and onwards)

What to do as a new student

Important things to do as a new Norwegian Course Student


You have to register for the exams at StudentWeb before 15. February (Spring Semester) and 15. September (Autumn Semester).

Application and Admission

Application deadline is 1. June for the Autumn Semester and 1. November for the Spring Semester.

The Language Library

Free online excercises and previous exam papers

Contact information

Please contact us at
Dragvoll Campus, Building 5, Level 5.

Questions regarding Application and Admission:

Questions regarding Semester Fee/Semester Card, Examination Transcript:

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