FAQ- Frequently asked questions

About Admission:

How do I apply and what is the deadline?

Information about the application procedure is to be found on the Admissions Office's website.

The application deadline is 01 June for the Autumn semester, and 01 November for the Spring semester. All questions regarding the application must be directed to The Admissions Office at:
E-mail opptak@adm.ntnu.no
Phone: (+47) 73 59 77 00

When does the semester start/finish?

The courses start in January (spring semester) and August (autumn semester). Each course lasts one semester.

Examinations take place in December (autumn semester) and in May (spring semester). Here you will find the exam dates.

How do I get a timetable?

Information regarding the timetable will be given in the Admissions letter/e-mail.

You sign up for å group in Student Web. If there are no places available in the group of your choice, please choose another group.

I did not get a place in a Norwegian for foreigners’ course; are there any alternatives?

Do I have to pay the semester fee?

All applicants, except exchange student, have to pay the semester fee. In order to pay the fee on Student Web you must be registered as a Norwegian Course student.

Do I need to be present at the first lecture?

As stated in our attendance's rules: "Please observe that attendance is compulsory for the first lecture. If you are not able to attend the first lecture, access to the course and exam will be denied. Your place will be given to a student on the waiting list."

This means that you will lose your place if you do not attend the first lesson. You are welcome to apply again next semester.

About Exams:

How do I register for my exam?

You have to register for the exams at Student Web


  • 01 February (Spring Semester)
  • 15 September (Autumn Semester).

I did not register for the exam before the deadline. What do I do?

The Examinations Office can make exceptions for those students who have a plausible reason for failing to meet the deadline.

Your application should contain your full name, student number, which Norwegian course you attend and the reason why you did not respect the deadline. Application form.

You must apply for an exemption by 15 October in the autumn semester and 15 March in the spring semester.

For any further questions, please contact the Examinations Office at eksamen@adm.ntnu.no

I have exam collision. What do I do?

All students who have examination collision get the opportunity to sit for a postponed examination.

Please send an email to norskkurs@hf.ntnu.no You should include your student number, and a proof of your exam collision, i.e. screen shot from Studentweb.

Alternative exam dates:
Short course: Monday 10 December
Written exam Level 1, level 2, level 3 and level 4: Tuesday 18 December

Please observe that your application is only accepted in case of examination collision or illness.

Application deadlines:

  • 15 November for the examination session in December.
  • 15 April for the examination session in May.

I was ill the day of the examination; can I sit for the examination on another day?

If you are not able to sit an examination due to illness, an application for approved absence has to be submitted to the Examiantion's Office. You will find more information on https://innsida.ntnu.no/wiki/-/wiki/English/Illness+during+exam

Please inform also your teacher that you will not sit for the exam.

How do I cancel my exam?

Cancellation of registration for examination (withdrawal) can be done on Student web
14 days before the examination date. You will find the exact date in Student web.

What are the examination dates?

I want to improve my grade, how can I register for the examination?

Contact us at norskkurs@hf.ntnu.no

Application deadlines

  • 15 January (Spring)
  • 01 September (Autumn)

Please note that students at NTNU are not allowed to re-sit an exam more than twice. The faculty can grant a fourth attempt. If you can document any special needs, the faculty can grant a fifth and final exam attempt. The number of resits counts towards the course code, not the study admission. 

If you are registered for an examination and you do not withdrawn the examination registration by the deadline decided by the Director of the Student and Academic Division (14 days before the examination date), this is regarded as one attempt. The highest grade obtained is the one that counts.

Please be aware that approved examination's requirements are valid for 4 semesters after approval date. After these 4 semesters you must re-take the course and cannot re-sit the examinations.

When the grade for a course is based on two or more assessments or tests, all of these have to be re-taken. See also: Examination Regulations at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) (pdf)

Cancel your exam registration:
14 days before the examination date. You'll find the exact date in Studentweb

Can I sit for the examination without attending classes?

It is not possible to sit for an examination without attending classes. The classes and the examination should be seen as a whole. Admittance to the examination is denied if students do not attend at least 80% of the classes.

If you wish to have a certificate of your Norwegian, you could sit for the following national examinations:

  • Den nye norskprøven
  • Test i norsk på høyere nivå ("Bergenstesten")

Please contact the Folkeuniversitet for more information.

Is it necessary to pay the semester fee for appearing a re-sit examination?

In Norway all students who wish to take exams in higher education at a public school, are required by law to pay a semester fee. It is not to be confused with a tuition fee, as public higher education is free, the money does not end up at the educational institution. Rather it goes to the organization in charge of maintaining student welfare (Studentsamskipnad). In Trondheim the Studentsamskipnad is called SiT. See for more information https://www.sit.no/en

I want to re-sit for a Norwegian examination, but I cannot register in Studentweb.

If you did not pass an examination, you can apply for a re-sit. Contact us at norskkurs@hf.ntnu.no

Application deadlines:

  • 15 January (Spring semester)
  • 01 September (Autumn semester).

You do not need to pay for the examination, but you have to pay the semester fee even if you do not have the right to attend classes and to participate to the course.

I have taken the written and the oral examinations, unfortunately I did not pass the written but only the oral examination. Do I have to retake both oral and written examinations?

The examination consists of a written and an oral part. Separate grades are given for the written and the oral exam. In the combined grade the written exam counts 2/3 while the oral exam counts 1/3.

Both the written and the oral exam need to be passed in the same semester in order to pass the exam.

How and when do I get my exam results?

Examination result deadline is normally three weeks.

For exam results, you can check Studentweb

You can order an examination transcript in Studentweb

Explanation of grades and appeals

If you plan to appeal a grade you were awarded, you should first request an explanation of the grade. You should get the explanation of the grade within two weeks, either orally or in writing, at the examiner's discretion.  

The deadline is one week from the date the exam results were announced. 

You can appeal a grade if you are not satisfied with the explanation you get. You can also appeal without asking for an explanation of the grade.

You cannot appeal the assessment of an oral examination.

The deadline is three weeks from the date the examination results were announced If you have asked for an explanation of the grade or sent a complaint regarding a procedural error in connection with an examination, the deadline for sending the appeal against the grade is three weeks from when you receive the explanation or when the ruling on the procedural error is given.

More information about explanations of the grades and appeals.

What is a placement test?

There is a placement test for applicants for level 2 or 3 who have not taken the previous level at NTNU. The test is for internal use only. It is used to evaluate the level of proficiency in Norwegian to see if the applicant qualifies for Level 3. Applicants, who have to sit for a placement test, will be notified by email one week before the test.

The test consist only of a written part, there is no oral test.

I need an individual certificate of my participation with numbers of hours for each Norwegian course I attended

We do not make any kind of confirmation letters stating the amount of hours for the courses attended.

The amount of hours in the NTNU language course Level 1 are not recognized as valid in order to obtain a residential permit in Norway. NTNU as university is approved pursuant to the Higher Education Act. For more information see UDI's website

This means that to obtain a permanent residential permit you need to have passed either Level 1 and Level 2 examinations or Level 2 and Level 3 examinations (you should obtain 30 credits).

You can order an examination transcript in Studentweb

Contact information

Please contact us by e-mail at: norskkurs@hf.ntnu.no

Vi are situated at Dragvoll Campus, Building 5, Level 5.

Questions regarding application and admission:
Phone: (+47) 73 59 77 00

Questions regarding emailadress/Internet access: