PhD Opportunities

Doctoral Awards Ceremony 28 March 2014. Photo.

What you need to know to become a PhD candidate at NTNU

A PhD candidate must be admitted to a specific PhD programme in order to earn a degree from NTNU, and must undertake both research and coursework.

NTNU offers degrees in a range of doctoral programmes. Read more below about the programmes and the practical aspects of applying to NTNU and moving to Norway.

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Coursework and requirements

Doctoral regulations - PhD and

Handbook for PhD education at NTNU (pdf)

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Research schools

Each graduate school consists of a network of institutions that collaborate on doctoral education within a subject area.


Nordic five tech logos. Illustration.

PhD courses at Nordic Five Tech

Nordic Five Tech (N5T) is an exclusive, strategic alliance of the five leading technical universities in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. If you are a PhD student at one of the five N5T universities, you can participate in courses at any of the five universities, free of charge. The course must be registered in the joint PhD course database.

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