PhD opportunities

As Norway's primary university for the study of science, engineering and technology, and with equally strong arts and humanities programmes, NTNU is eager to welcome international PhD candidates to our research community. The university offers degrees in a range of doctoral programmes. Read more about our offerings and the practical aspects of applying to NTNU and moving to Norway below.



Overview of upcoming disputations at NTNU.


Waclaw KusnierczykWaclaw Kusnierczyk from Poland took his PhD in gene ontology at NTNU. His research relates to the creation of a common language for researchers working with genes and their products. Read more about Kusnierczyk in the University's newspaper.

Mariam Kaynia

Mariam Kaynia, a PhD candidate at the Department of Electronics and Telecommunications, won the "Best IT student of the Year" award in Norway in 2007. Her research interests are related to resource allocation in wireless ad hoc networks, cognitive radio, and sensor networks.

Doctoral candidates' organization

DION's main focus is on local issues at NTNU and national issues regarding scholarship, work conditions, formalities and attracting new candidates.