RAMS Group

A member of the ROSS Gemini Centre

Group members

We have recruited internationally and in the industry for new members of the group, and we have today a nice mixture of strong academic background combined with industry experience.

Permanent Academic Staff

  • Anne Barros, Professor in Subsea Reliability (sponsored by DNV GL)
  • Yiliu Liu, Associate professor of Reliability Engineering
  • Mary Ann Lundteigen, Professor of Reliability Assessment
  • Nicola Paltrinieri, Associate Professor in Risk Assessment (Onsager fellow)
  • Antoine Rauzy, Professor in Risk and Reliability Assessment of Complex systems
  • Per Schjølberg, Associate Professor of Maintenance Management
  • Jørn Vatn, Professor of Reliability and Maintenance Engineering [Head of department/Head of group]
  • Marvin Rausand, Professor Emeritus of Reliability Engineering (from 1.5.2015)


Associated Academic Staff

  • Stein Haugen, Professor of Risk Assessment and Technical Safety (sponsored by Stiftelsen KGJ) - [Position transferred to the Department of Marine Technology]

Temporary Academic Staff

PhD students:


Research activities

The group carries out basic as well as applied research. We have over several decades maintained a strong collaboration with the industry, in sectors ranging from oil and gas industry, railway industry, and renewable energy. More recently, we have also started a collaboration with the Norwegian Public Road Administration and joined the new center for innovation-driven research in subsea production and processing (SFI SUBPRO).

For more information about our research activities, see:


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About us

The RAMS group is one out of four research groups at the Department of Production and Quality EngineeringThe overall mission of the RAMS group is to contribute to safer, more productive and more sustainable industry, transport and society. The main topic of the group is risk and reliability assessment of complex systems, and among these safety-critical systems (or safety-instrumented systems) in particularOur contribution is made by providing RAMS research results and education at the highest possible level of quality. 

Main contact: Professor Jørn Vatn, head of group

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Meaning of RAMS

RAMS is an acronym for reliability, availability, maintenance, and safety.