FAQ for international master's programmes

Please note: Due to the huge number of applicants, we simply cannot confirm the arrival of individual documents or applications. If you wish to be certain your documents have arrived you may send them via a company that offers a tracking system or via registered mail.

Admission and rejection letters

As a rule, admission letters will be sent by email in May. Rejection letters will be sent by email by the end of May.
Please note that due to the huge number of applicants, we cannot respond individually to people who want to know the results of the admissions process before we send the acceptance and rejection letters. We regret this, and wish all applicants the best of luck.

What do I do about applying for visa/ residence permit?
The electronically generated admissions letter sent to you by email is valid and can be submitted as proof of your acceptance when you apply for a student visa to Norway. Please apply for a visa as soon as possible using your email confirmation of admission. The visa process can be time consuming and it is best to initiate it as soon as you have the necessary paperwork, including the email admissions letter.

I have been accepted, now what?

What is NTNU's organization number?

What is the name of the Norwegian bank where I should transfer money when I apply for a visa?
The name of the bank is DNB NOR, NO-0021 OSLO

How much money should I transfer?
In the letter from the NTNU it says that I should transfer 97,850 NOK, however I have also seen the amount 94,400 NOK listed on some webpages, which amount should I transfer?

97,850 NOK is the amount for the academic year 2014/2015, while 94,000 NOK was last year's amount. NTNU will accept both amounts. However, please note that in the past a few embassies have refused to issue visas based on the lower amount and the affected students have had to transfer more money in a second transaction. We therefore recommend that you transfer 97,850 NOK.

What shall I use as my Trondheim address when I apply for a visa?
You should use this address: Moholt Student Village, 7050 Trondheim, Norway

How can I arrange for a room at the student village?
The Office of International Relations at NTNU will arrange for a room for master's students who need a single room. Once you have returned the acknowledgement form and informed us that you need a single room, we will give you the booking code which you must use to book the room.

Please note: You will receive a contract by e-mail from the student village. Please check your e-mail every day in June/July to see if you have received the contract. All necessary information regarding accommodation will be included in the contract. Be aware that you have to pay a deposit (NOK 5000,-) and sign the contract, as stated in the contract you will receive, by the deadline.

Can I defer my admission until next year?
No, you cannot. If you for some reason do not accept your offer, you must apply again next year. Please inform us as soon as possible if you decide not to accept.

How do I return the acknowledgement form?
Please send the signed and scanned acknowledgment form to us by the deadline stated in your admission letter. Do not send the form by regular mail. Please send the email to the appropriate programme coordinator,arild.ohren@ntnu.no for Quota or oddrun.maao@ntnu.no for individual funding.

When do I get a reply confirmation that you have received the deposit money I transferred?
It usually takes between 7-14 days for international transfers to come through, sometimes longer. NTNU will send you a confirmation as soon as the money is in our account.

I am having trouble transferring money from my home country, but the admission letter says the money must be transferred by the students themselves. Is it possible to have someone else transfer money for me?
Yes, someone else can transfer this money for you; however, it needs to be clear from the transfer which student the transfer is intended for – the student's name will need to be clearly stated.

How do I apply for a visa/ residence permit?
Please see www.udi.no and apply as soon as you have received your admission letter and other information by email. We recommend that you apply for you visa by 1 June, or as soon as you have all the documentation you require.

Where can I find out more about what it is like to live in Trondheim and in Norway?
You can find some fun information about Trondheim, or information about the more practical aspects of living in Trondheim and Norway, on the International Researcher Support webpages. Although many of these pages are aimed at PhD candidates, much of the information may be relevant to master's students as well. Also check out our Facebook page for insights on student life in Trondheim.

May I bring my wife/ husband and children with me?
For information regarding family immigration, please visit UDI's webpage. Please note that we only offer single rooms for admitted students. If you plan to bring your family you must arrange for accommodation on your own.

Final application process

How do I find my application number?
Your application number is the number that you received in the confirmation e-mail after you registered your preliminary application. However, if you can't find your application number, please just leave this part blank. We will still process your application.

Do I fill in the application form by hand or digitally?
This is entirely up to you as long as the information you want to give is clear and comprehensible and your application is signed.

Do I need to enclose documentation of financing if I only want to apply through the Quota scheme? No, you do not.

Do my documents have to be in your Office by February 1st? No, February 1st is the last day to send documents by post. This means that your documents will be considered as long as they are post-stamped and sent by February 1st. You can also supplement your application with some documents, like TOEFL scores, up until March 1st. 

I have been turned down for the final application, could you please help me look at my preliminary application why I didn't qualify?
As much as we would like to help, we do not have the capacity to provide individual counselling or check each individual applicant's form, due to the huge number of applications we receive every year. However, in most cases, the reason for the rejection is that the applicant's grades simply are not high enough to match the competition for the places we offer. You can read more about requirements for international master's programmes, but note that due to the limited number of seats, admission to NTNU is always very difficult. You can also post a query to students who have been accepted to NTNU on our Facebook page.

Can you send me an email confirmation that you have received my documents?
No, again, due to the huge number of applicants, we simply cannot confirm the arrival of individual documents. If you wish to be certain your documents have arrived you may send them via a company that offers a tracking system or via registered mail.

Can I fill out the application electronically, or should I fill it out by hand? 
Both are okay, as long as you remember to sign the form that you submit.

Do I  have to get a notary office to certify all of my documents?
All copies will need to be officially certified in order for your application to be considered.

English language requirements

Does NTNU  accept a certified copy of the TOEFL/IELTS reccord?
We will accept a certified copy of your TOEFL/IELTS test results. We also accept TOEFL/IELTS scores sent directly from the TOEFL/IELTS institution.

I don't have the TOEFL/IELTS scores at the time of sending in my application, what should I do?
You can send us additional documentation for the English language certification up until 1 March.

I have a bachelor's degree that was taught entirely in English, does this exempt me from the TOEFL/IELTS test?
No, not unless you have a degree majoring in English, or you are from one of the countries listed as exempted

Which IELTS test is required for admission -- the academic or general test?
Both academic and general test results will be accepted.

Do you accept institutional TOEFL tests?
No, we do not.

What is NTNU's TOEFL Department Code?
The department code is 9652.

What is the validity of my TOEFL/IELTS test?
The score must be valid at the time of admission. This means that if you are applying for admission to the degrees starting in August  you must have a TOEFL/IELTS score valid until at least August the year of admission.

Motivation, recommendation, portfolio and CV

Should I provide a motivation letter and CV?
Yes, please submit a CV and motivation letter.

Do I have to provide a recommendation letter and how many must I provide? Does NTNU use a specific form for recommendation letters?
Please submit two letters of recommendation.There is no particular form to be filled out, a regular letter will serve just fine. Please send the recommendation letters along with your application/other documents.

Is a portfolio necessary to apply for an architecture programme? Also, does it improve my chances of admission if I send a portfolio even if my application does not require it?
A portfolio is not mandatory, but may be beneficial to your application when applying for the Master's Programme in Architecture.

Passport and personal information

Which pages of my passport must I notarize?
We require certified copies of the pages of your passport showing your photo, date of birth, full name, gender and nationality. If there is other information that you are uncertain about, get it notarized.

I don't have a passport. Can I send to you a certified copy of my national card? Can I submit my documents without including a copy of my passport?
Yes, a certified copy of a valid national ID card is acceptable if you do not yet have a passport. However, note that we cannot process your application unless we receive some form of official ID document, so you must supply either a passport or some other form of national ID card. Your application will not be considered unless this is submitted.

Unfortunately, my personal data in the application form has been filled in incorrectly, am I allowed to change/correct it?
Yes, you can.


I have a bank statement from my sponsor which is now 2 months old, is that acceptable for the application process?
Yes, that is acceptable, as long as the statement is no older than 3 months.

How do I provide documentation when I want to use a private sponsor? What if I am going to finance myself?
You have to submit a letter from your sponsor, confirming that he/ she is indeed willing to be your sponsor, as well as a bank balance statement, showing that the sponsor has the required amount of money available. If you are going to finance yourself, you must submit a certified copy of your bank statement, showing that you have the required amount in your account.

The financial requirement is at present NOK 94 400 per year, but the master's degree programme lasts for two years. Do I need to show that I have NOK 94 400 or twice this amount?
You will only need to show that you have NOK 94 400. Please note, however, that you will only get a residence permit for one year, and this must be renewed. With your application for renewal, you will have to show documentation that you have access to this amount,-. once again. Please also note that the financial requirement will increase by next year. Normally the increase is approximately NOK 2000,-. Check www.udi.no for updated information regarding this issue.

Transcripts, records, diplomas

Must I send the certificate from my higher secondary school?
Yes, sorry, we do require a certified copy of your secondary education certificates or diploma.

The application requirements state that educational documents should be sent directly by the school, but at the moment, our school does not provide this service to students. Is it possible for me to send you all of these documents myself?
Yes, we will accept certified copies of your education documents in a sealed envelope. You may then submit these along with your application form and other documents.

My GPA is based on a different grading scale than the one you are using. Should I convert my GPA to the ECTS-scale?
No, you should not convert your grades. Please just write your GPA according to the grading scale used at your university. We will make the necessary conversion when we start going through the applications.

The deadline for submitting my bachelor's diploma is  1 February, however, I will not finish my degree until June. What should I do?
Please submit the transcripts that you have, as well as a list of the courses that you are currently enrolled in. We also need a confirmation from your university that you are expected to graduate in the summer of the admission year. Please note that the final Bachelor's diploma must be sent to NTNU as soon as you receive it.

The CDGDC may need more than 20 working days to verify all my documents after they received original documents, however the deadline for submitting everything is 1 February? The verification may not arrive by the deadline, what should I do?

Please include copies of your educational documents with your application package and submit this within the deadline so that we can start processing your application. Then submit your documents to the CDGDC for verification, and we will accept a verification report from them even after the deadline.

Does the High School diploma also need to be verified through the national agency?
No, it does not, but it must still be a certified copy.

I can send you the educational documents from my university; however my high school does not provide this service. Can I send these documents myself?
Please include these in your application package and send them yourself.

My school is on Christmas vacation, and it will not be possible for them to send the transcripts within the deadline the 1st of February. What do I do?
You can send us a certified copy of your transcripts/diploma along with your application package, and ask your university to send the transcripts once they are back. You will not be able to receive admission unless we receive the educational documents directly from your university.

My University can send my educational documents, but they are not in English. Can I send you the translations myself?
Yes, please get the educational documents translated by an official translator and send this yourself. You should in addition ask your university to send the educational documents directly.

I'm an applicant from China. I should send my diploma and transcripts to CDGDC but I haven't graduated so I don't have a diploma. What should I do?

Please include a copy of your transcript and a confirmation that you are expected to graduate in the year of the admission in your application package. Then send your transcript to CDGDC for verification. We will receive a verification report directly from CDGDC. Please also send us your final diploma as soon as you get it.

Deadlines: 1 December vs. 1 February  

Your website states that the deadline is 1 December (15 January for Joint Nordic Master's), however some websites mention a deadline of 1 February. Can I apply using the 1 February deadline?
The 1 February deadline is only for applicants who have applied through the preliminary application before 1 December and who have received a final application form. Regrettably, we cannot accept new applications for international master's programmes after the 1 December deadline.

I registered an online application for one programme, and now I want to change to another programme. Can I do this after the deadline?
No, that is not possible. You can only apply for one programme on the preliminary application, and this alternative cannot be changed after the deadline, so make your selections carefully.

Preliminary application

When can I expect a reply to the preliminary application?
Those who make it through the preliminary selection process will be notified by email no later than 1 January. Those who do not make it through will be notified in January, latest.

Will I get an answer if I am rejected?
Yes, you will get an answer by email even if you are not selected.

I am from a country that is on the Quota-list, but my institution is not listed. Can I still be considered for the Quota-scheme?
No, only applicants from one of the institutions that are listed on our website are eligible for this scholarship.

If your institution is not on the list, NTNU does NOT have an agreement with your institution or the agreement has expired. To renew or initiate an agreement you need to contact your relevant department/faculty/school at your home institution. Formal cooperation agreements can only be initiated at an institutional level.

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