National collaborators

NTNU AMOS co-operates with many companies in research and development (R&D), the education of PhD candidates, and the sharing of research infrastructure and joint publications. The national cooperators are organised as associated R&D projects with PhD candidates and post-docs working in teams.

The following companies and research institutes are currently co-operating with NTNU AMOS:



Associated Projects

The following projects at NTNU AMOS are externally financed:

  • Nonlinear autopilot design for extended flight envelopes and operation of fixed-wing UAVs in extreme conditions (contacts: Professors Thor I. Fossen and Tor Arne Johansen)
  • Assessment of operational limits for installation of OWT monopile and transition piece and development of an alternative installation procedure (contact: Prof. Torgeir Moan)
  • Closed flexible cages (CFC) (contact: Prof. Asgeir J. Sørensen)
  • Design and verification of control systems for safe and energy-efficient vessels with hybrid power plants (D2V) (contact: Prof. Asgeir J. Sørensen)
  • Efficient stochastic dynamic response analysis for design of offshore wind turbines (contact: Prof. Torgeir Moan)
  • Experimental and numerical study of the combined wind/wave energy concept SFC in extreme and operational environmental conditions (contacts: Professors Torgeir Moan and Zhen Gao)
  • Fatigue damage analysis of drivetrains in land-based and floating TLP, spar and semi-submersible wind turbines (contact: Prof. Torgeir Moan)
  • Innovative training network on autonomous unmanned aerial systems for marine and coastal monitoring (MarineUAS) (contact: Prof. Tor Arne Johansen)
  • Multi-stage global sensor fusion for navigation using nonlinear observers and eXogenous Kalman filter (contacts: Professors Tor Arne Johansen and Thor I. Fossen)
  • Next generation subsea inspection, maintenance and repair (NextGenIMR) (contact: Prof. Ingrid Schjølberg)
  • Numerical analysis of the dynamic response of an offshore wind turbine under wind and ice loads (contact: Prof. Torgeir Moan)
  • Numerical modelling and dynamic analysis of floating vertical axis wind turbines (contact: Prof. Torgeir Moan)
  • Probability estimation of trawler board hooking of pipelines (contact: Prof. Torgeir Moan)
  • Real-time hybrid model testing for extreme marine environments (contact: Prof. Roger Skjetne)
  • Sensor fusion and collision avoidance for autonomous surface vehicles (Autosea(contact: Ass. Prof. Edmund Brekke)
  • Snake locomotion in challenging environments (contact: Prof. Kristin Y. Pettersen) Watch videos of our snake robots!
  • Online risk management and risk control for autonomous ships (ORCAS) (contact: Ingrid Bouwer Utne)
  • Unlocking the potential of autonomous systems and operations through supervisory risk control (UNLOCK) (contact: Ingrid Bouwer Utne)