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Freshwater ecology group

Our research covers a wide range of topics and taxa, although our main focus is on the population ecology of salmonid fish and planktonic crustaceans (Daphnia).

Using these species as model organisms we address questions regarding processes that shape population dynamics, such as evolutionary changes in phenotypic traits, energetics, cannibalism and competition, and the role of spatial structuring of habitats.

In addition to providing insights into general ecological issues, we also emphasize our role in providing knowledge relevant for management and conservation. Freshwater habitats are increasingly challenged by human activity, and knowledge-based management strategies are required to reduce impacts on ecosystem services and biodiversity.

To ensure such relevance we maintain a close collaboration with more applied institutions both in Norway (NINA, Sintef, NTNU University Museum) and abroad (Marine Scotland Science Freshwater Laboratory, USDA Forest Service). This collaboration includes both participation in research projects, research seminars, and supervision of master and PhD students.

Core members
Prof. Ole Kristian Berg
Prof. Sigurd Einum



Dapnia Magna.The use of Daphnia magna as an experimental animal for such purposes is advantageous in many respects. Photo

Bilde av Ole Kristian Berg

Ole Kristian Berg. Photo

Contact information: Ole Kristian Berg


Bilde av Sigurd Einum

Sigurd Einum. Photo

Contact information: Sigurd Einum

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Atlantic Salmon EcologyAtlantic Salmon Ecology

"This is undoubtedly the most comprehensive and up-to-date review of Atlantic salmon ecology for several decades and I would recommend it to any with an interest in the subject. I expect this will be the authorative text on the subject, probably for the next two decades"
(B. Shields, J. Fish Biology, 2011)