BRU21 video newsletter #6 - New business and operational models

BRU21 video newsletter #6 - New business and operational models


BRU21: NTNU’s Research and Innovation Program in Digital and Automation Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry. We mobilize multidisciplinary expertise across NTNU and, in cooperation with industrial partners, produce research results for novel technological and organizational solutions. The program consists of over 30 PhD and PostDoc projects supported by NTNU and 9 Oil and Gas and Technology companies. …read more

Video newsletters: In this series of newsletters we present BRU21 projects and selected results in the form of short videos covering each of the 6 program areas.

BRU21 program area: New Business and Operational Models

Developing new and improving existing business and operational models to adapt to and exploit digital technologies and grow new innovative business ecosystems.

Digitalization opens new possibilities both for developing new and for improving existing business and operational models. This implies either designing optimal work processes to adapt to increased use of digital technologies, searching for new ways to
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BRU21 project:
Digital Relations and New Business Models

A holistic analysis and in-depth understanding of digitalization of knowledge collaboration during the front-end project stage

Project result:
Transactive memory analysis on the role of digital technologies

Strategic corporate focus and socio-technical alignment are important to enhance knowledge collaboration in multi-disciplinary project groups

BRU21 Project:
Collaboration and digital tools in early-stage design of offshore facilities

Improving current workflows by studying patterns of collaboration between stakeholders using digital tools

BRU21 Project:
From idea to discovery: information sharing and cooperation in the exploration value chain

Scrutinizing organizational pre-conditions for digital transformation to reduce the time from idea to discovery

BRU21 Project:
Remote operations and future operating models

Development of a novel operational model for unmanned autonomous systems to improve their reliability and safety

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