Newsletter December 2023

BRU21 video newsletter

BRU21 video newsletter  

BRU21 Conference • PRODECS - DrillFeel - OSDU • BRU21 Academy • Books 

Dear colleague, 

The Christmas holidays are approaching, and 2023 is ending. This year has been full of research, innovations, collaborations, and events. We are grateful to all our team members, partner companies, and everyone who supported us and contributed to BRU21.

Our team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! And we are excited to share some of our 2023 accomplishments. 


BRU21 Conference

BRU21 Conference

In 2023, we organized the 2nd BRU21 Conference. It provided an arena for meetings and discussions between industrial and academic institutions and presented the latest results from the BRU21 program. We are looking forward to the next year's conference.  


BRU21 Research

BRU21 Research 


Graduates and new projects

In 2023, 4 BRU21 graduates obtained their PhD degrees. In 2023 and 2024, BRU21 is starting 5 PhD projects funded by AkerBP, Equinor, OKEA, Wintershall DEA, and 2 associated PostDoc projects funded by EU and NFR.  

BRU21 Innovation

BRU21 Innovation


PRODECS: Better project investment decisions 

This year, PRODECS – a BRU21 start-up initiative – received an NTNU Discovery grant to develop their first product: software for project investment decisions under significant uncertainties.

DrillFeel: Increasing driller’s situational awareness

In 2023, DrillFeel won the 1st Innovation prize among MSc projects from the Faculty of Engineering. DrillFeel is relevant for any drilling operations: oil and gas, CO2 and H2 storage or geothermal energy.  

OSDU Innovation Lab 

In collaboration Equinor and AkerBP, BRU21 is establishing an Innovation Laboratory on Open Subsurface Data Universe. The objective is to conduct innovative studies and promote OSDU to research and education at NTNU.

BRU21 Academy

BRU21 Academy 


Petroleum Cybernetics for Engineers and Managers 

BRU21 Academy provides digitalization courses for the industry. In 2023-24, the courses are sponsored by the Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skills. The course Petroleum Cybernetics for Engineers and Managers will be given again in the fall of 2024.

Digital oil: Machineries of Knowing - Eric Monteiro

Digital oil: Machineries of Knowing

Eric Monteiro

The book "Digital Oil" is an analysis of digitalization, filtered through the case of oil and gas. It promotes a human-centered perspective on digital transformation. 


Digitalization: Python Application for Drilling & Geoscience Engineer - Behzad Elahifar

Digitalization: Python Application for Drilling & Geoscience Engineer

Behzad Elahifar

Behzad and Erfan Hosseini explore Python's applications in drilling, including real-time data analysis, predictive maintenance, and machine learning.