BRU21 Research

BRU21 research is focused on value creation for the oil and gas industry. It couples NTNU expertise in digital and petroleum domains with expertise and data from program’s industrial partners to create novel digital and automation technologies with a business impact. The research program consists of PhD and PostDoc projects organized in six program areas corresponding to the oil and gas value chain. NTNU digital expertise is utilized across the program areas and projects

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BRU21 ecosystem


Digital expertise

NTNU’s digital and automation expertise forms a digital foundation for all the technical areas. It includes expertise in Computer and Data Science (Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Cybernetics), Cybernetics (Automatic control, Autonomy and Robotics, Data-driven and physics-based modelling, Decision support systems), (Real-time) Optimization (Model-based, Data-driven, Hybrid, Stochastic, Real options), Large-Scale Systems (Modelling, Model updates, Optimization), Digital Safety and Security (Cyber security, Safety of instrumented systems), People, Organization and Economics (Organization for digital transition, Integrated digitalized operations, Decision making under uncertainty).

BRU21 Project portfolio

BRU21 projects portfolio is based on concrete use-cases from the industrial partners as well as on related fundamental research challenges formulated by the NTNU academic team. This portfolio together with BRU21 collaboration, innovation and training  activities constitute the BRU21 ecosystem