The planning programme timeline

The planning programme timeline

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January and February 2017: Idea competition for new campus

Display of sketches for idea competition for campus.

The purpose is to bring out as much knowledge as possible and different ideas before one winner gets the assignment to prepare a physical plan for the area. The area for new buildings is limited to the area west - Elgeseter.​ ​

May 2017: NTNU and the municipality invites to city walks

Black white archive photo of the Main building on Gløshaugen.

Residents, students, employees and other interested parties join two city walks. The National Trust of Norway (Fortidsminneforeningen) offer a walk-and-talk to explore the district’s history. With the Urbanists, we see how the district could become even more pedestrian-friendly.

15 May 2017: Koht wins the idea competition

Illustration of new university buildings along Klæbuveien.....

KOHT Architects win the idea competition for a new campus with their concept «The road ahead».

June 2017: The planning programme starts

Workshop with neighbours around a table with map and post-its.

NTNU Campus Development teams up with Trondheim Municipality to work on a joint planning programme. The planning programme is based on the architects winning concept, and is a «manual» on how to further develop plans in the area.

12 June 2017: Neighbours notified about campus plans

Aerial view of Gløshaugplatået.

NTNU arranges meetings for neighbours when starting to work on the planning programme. The start-up is notified to all neighbours within the planning area and public authorities, as well as announced in Adresseavisen.​

September and October 2017: Information meetings and workshop

People gathered around a model of Gløshaugplatået.

NTNU and the municipality arrange worshop and information meetings for affected parties in order to obtain knowledge for further developing campus plans.

November 2017: The architects deliver their proposal

Sketches of buildings along Klabuveien from KOHT Architects.

KOHT Architects have investigated possible locations and sizes of new university buildings. Studies from the physical plan form the basis for the planning programme proposal.

19 January 2018: The government decide how much NTNU can build

Picture of the parliament (Stortinget)

The Government decide that the State will fund new buildings of up to 92 000 square metres gross and rebuilding of up to 45 000 square metres gross.

6 March 2018: The politicians in Trondheim gives directions on where NTNU can build

Map of Gløshaugen with potential building areas marked in green that was sent to public consultation.

The building committee decided that the parkland areas of Elgeseter Park and along the northern part of Høgskoleparken should not be investigated further for building purposes. They are open for exploring opportunities in the south area of the park, ant to look further into other proposed sites.

10 March - 4 May 2018: Consultation period for campus plans

Aerial view of Gløahaugen angeled from Studentersamfundet.

Consultation and public inspection of the planning programme. In this period, we arranged public meetings, an information meeting and about thirty dialogue meetings with stakeholders, including public authorities, organizations and neighbours.

March - October 2018: NTNU investigate potential sites further

NTNU continues to explore different options for building and rebuilding. And investigate what impact it might have on the areas.

May - August 2018: Review and discussion of comments

Close-up of model of Gløshaugplatået

After 4 May, we started reviewing and discussing all the feedback from the public hearing on the planning programme. Everyone who submitted comments received information about the further process.

25 September 2018: Additional studies for public hearing

Sketch of overview of Gløshaugen with potential areas for new university buildings.

The building committee discussed NTNU Campus Development’s additional investigations. They were distributed for comments with a deadline of 9 November.

During 2018: The state investigate costs and feasibility

Rector Gunnar Bovim and Minister for Research and Higher Education, Iselin Nybø, investigates the Gløshaugen model.

​What can be done? What will it cost? How long will it take? Statsbygg and NTNU, on commission from The Ministry of Education and Research, explore potential building areas, costs, overall space allocation and implementation.

25 January 2019: NTNU delivers the planning programme for political treatment

Sketch with an overview of potential building areas on and around Gløshaugen.

Planning programme is sent to Trondheim municipality for political finalization. ​

25 April 2019: The politicians in Trondheim decided where NTNU can build

Collage with three sketches of potential new university buildings on Gløshaugen.

The City Council decided the planning programme for campus and university purposes. The City Council therefore agrees that is is possible to initiate zoning for development in accordance with the framework stated in the planning programme.

During 2019: Prepare for regulation

Sketch from NTNU's principle plan showing pink highlighted NTNU areas at Gløshaugen and green arrows for access points.

In the planning programme, overall guidelines for further regulation plans are decided. Preparations are made with the aim of initiate zoning early in 2020.