Background and activities

Research Interests

One of the main research areas of our group is the design and development of new materials for energy applications that comprises the synthesis of ceramics (e.g., nanostructures, single crystals, polycrystals, thin films), polymers, and ceramic/polymer composites, their structural and electrochemical characterization as well as their implementation in advanced Li/Na/K/Mg-ion battery technologies. In particular, our group focuses on the key challenges currently hindering the ultimate commercial usage of solid-state batteries, such as Li-metal dendrite formation, and the lack of thermodynamic stability of most solid electrolytes either against Li metal or cathode materials, as well as on the development of contingency strategies to overcome those bottlenecks.


We are hiring soon: 3 new PhD positions are available!


Team Members


  • Mir Mehraj Ud Din


  • Laras F. (Starting soon)


  • Florian Flatscher
  • Jin Feng
  • Hung Quoc Nguyen
  • Lukas Ladenstein (TUG)

Master students

  • Torgier Matre Sandvik
  • Ingeborg Ellngsen
  • Henrik Rotvær Bratlie
  • Håkon T. Gulbrandsen
  • Ole Andreas Øie
  • Quoc-Anh Tran


Funding (ongoing)

  • SOLIMEC - Enhancing the mechanical stability of interfaces in solid-state Li-ion batteries for energy-intensive applications, M-ERA.NET, 2022 - 2025 (~7 MNOK)
  • Christian Dopller Laboratory for Solid-State Batteries, CDG, 2020 - 2027 (~20 MNOK)
  • COMBAT - COMposite electrolytes for solid-state BATteries by design (COMBAT) , CDG, 2022 - 2025 (~7 MNOK)
  • ASSESS - Advaned solid-state electric energy storage systems by knowledge-based design, FFG K2-Center, 2021 - 2024 (~8 MNOK)
  • The nature of interface in solid-state batteries, FWF, 2018 - 2022 (~4 MNOK)
  • Novel coatings for HV cathodes in solid-state Li batteries, confidantial, 2021 - 2022 (~5 MNOK)



2022 Emerging Investigators 2021 of the Chem. Comm. (invited)
2020 Emerging Researcher Award of the Austrian Ceramic Society € 1,500.-
2020 Emerging Leader 2020 of the Journal of Physics: Energy
2020 Emerging Investigators 2020 of the Journal of Material Chemistry A
2020 Recipient of the Initial funding program of the TUG 2018, 13th call € 10,000.-
2019 Inventor Award of the Graz University of Technology
2018 Habilitation Award of the Austrian Chemical Society € 2,000.-
2018 Recipient of the Initial funding program of the TUG 2017, 11th call € 6,000.-
2016 Recipient of the Initial funding program of the TUG 2017, 10th call € 10,000.-
2016 Christian-Doppler Award for Natural Science of the Austrian Government € 3,000.-
2016 Recipient of the research-funding scheme “International Communication” of the Austrian Science Foundation (OFG)
2014 Recipient of the research-funding scheme “International Communication” of the ÖFG
2012 Visiting Research Fellowships HPC-Europa 2 Transnational Access

Scientific, academic and artistic work

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