FACET - Functional Materials and Materials Chemistry

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FACET - Functional materials and materials chemistry research group

“Our mission is to devise and provide advanced functional materials for a sustainable future.”

FACET’s research activities range from innovative applications in industry to fundamental science. We study emergent functional material properties and how we can improve and control them. Our work is guided by the UN Sustainable development goals and the vision to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. The FACET research fields are represented by a multi-disciplinary team of 10 professors and the interconnected topical teams they lead, headed by Professor Mari-Ann Einarsrud. Bringing together leading experts in materials synthesis, theory, and advanced characterization, FACET provides an ideal scientific environment to solve the complex challenges of materials science and chemistry of tomorrow. We are proud of our group culture which is based on collaboration and sharing of knowledge, experience, network, and experimental infrastructure providing fertile grounds for successful and enjoyable collaborations among our team members.

The collaborative international atmosphere within FACET is actively fostered by all members, who are frequently enjoying joint cabin trips, hikes, BBQs, and more. Thus, FACET provides a friendly and ambitious research environment for students, scientists, and visitors from Norway and all around the globe.

We have leading expertise in the fields of ferroic materials and phenomena, materials for energy technology and biomedical applications, ceramics and coatings, nanomaterials and nanodevices with a strong focus on sustainability. (For more on our research areas please go to the Research-tab.)

View of Nidelva. Photo.


Please click on one of the icons below to find out about what each of our teams specialises in.


Picture of microstructure.

Active Biomedical Ceramics

  • Microstructural optimization
  • Ceramic coatings
  • In-vitro stability


Picture of battery materials.

Battery Materials

  • Electrode materials
  • Liquid electrolytes
  • Solid-state electrolytes (ceramic, polymer, composites)
  • Binders and conductive additives
  • Coating materials
  • Interfaces (solid-solid, solid-liquid)


Picture of microstructure.

Coatings and ceramic processing

  • Surface modification
  • Slurry processing and properties
  • Deposition methods
  • Functional surfaces – anti-icing and anti-fouling properties
  • Bulk ceramic – properties and processing
  • Additive manufacturing (AM)


Picture of topological defects.

Functional Topological Systems

  • Ferroic Domain Walls
  • Low Dimensional Spin Textures
  • Nanostructuring and correlated microscopy
  • Atomic-level imaging in 3D


Illustration of hybrid materials.

Hybrid Materials

  • Hybrid supramolecular ferroics
  • High transition entropy molecular crystals
  • Solid solution engineered supramolecular systems


Picture of epoxy tree.

Materials for Energy Technologies

  • Dielectrics for sea cables
  • Windmills and anti-icing
  • Chemical looping combustion
  • Molecular material systems for thermal energy storage, barocalorics and electrocalorics
  • HT-corrosion and corrosion protection


Picture of microstructure.

Materials Design through Green Chemistry

  • In situ studies during hydrothermal syntesis of complex oxide materials
  • In situ studies during aqueous chemical solution deposition of thin oxide films
  • Development of hybrid Nanocomposites
  • Aqueous processing
  • Lead-free piezo and ferroelectric materials


Illustration of complex molecular structures.

Materials Modelling

  • Nanothermodynamics
  • Electrolytes and electrodes materials for batteries
  • Oxide interfaces and defect chemistry
  • Layered and 2D materials


illustration of hysteresis loops.

Piezoelectric/Ferroelectric Materials

  • Bulk ceramics, thin films and heterostructures
  • In-situ characterization during processing
  • Strain and compositional engineering
  • Structure-property relationships


Picture of instrument.

Thin Film Processing

  • Oxide electronics
  • Quantum materials
  • Third generation solar cells


The researchers are in the team that reflects their main project work but most researchers assist in multiple teams; helping where ever their skill set is required. For a full list of a researcher’s research, please go to their personal page by clicking on their picture.



Scientific staff


Mari-Ann Einarsrud. Photo

Professor Mari-Ann Einarsrud

Green Chemistry, Biomedical Ceramics, Materials for Energy Technology, Hybrid Materials


Julia Glaum. Photo

Professor Julia Glaum

Biomedical Ceramics, Green Chemistry, Coatings and Ceramic Processing



Tor Grande. Photo

Professor Tor Grande

Battery Materials, Materials for Energy Technology, Green Chemistry, Materials Modelling, Biomedical Ceramics, Thin Film Processing


Ingrid Hallsteinsen. Photo

Assoc. Prof Ingrid Hallsteinsen

Thin Film Processing, Coatings and Ceramic Processing



Hilde Lea Lein. Photo

Professor Hilde Lea Lein

Coatings and Ceramic Processing, Materials for Energy Technology



Dennis Meier. Photo

Professor Dennis Meier

Functional Topological Defects



Daniel Rettenwander. Photo

Assoc. Prof Daniel Rettenwander

Battery Materials



Sondre Kvalvåg Schnell. Photo

Assoc. Prof Sondre Kvalvåg Schnell

Nanothermodynamics, Modelling, Battery Materials



Sverre Magnus Selbach. Photo

Professor Sverre Magnus Selbach

Defect Chemistry, Modelling, Green Chemistry, Battery Materials, Materials for Energy Technology, Hybrid Materials




Julian Walker. Photo

Assoc. Prof Julian Walker

Hybrid Materials, Materials for Energy Technology, Green Chemistry



Nils Wagner. Photo

Adjunct Assoc. Prof Nils Wagner

Battery Materials



Kjell Wiik. Photo

Professor emeritus Kjell Wiik

Battery Materials, Materials for Energy Technology



Martin Ystenes. Photo

Professor emeritus Martin Ystenes




Maria Valeria Blanco. Photo

Adjunct Assoc. Prof Maria Valeria Blanco

Battery Materials






Mir Mehraj Ud Din. Photo

Dr. Mir Mehraj Ud Din

Solid state batteries



Benjamin Williamson. Photo

Dr. Benjamin Williamson

DFT simulations of Lead-free ferroelectrics for high temperature application



Post Doc's


Laras Fadillah. Photo

Dr. Laras Fadillah

Improve mechanical stability of Cathode-Solid Electrolyte
interfaces on Solid-State Lithium Batteries



Ola Grendal. Photo

Dr. Ola Grendal

Thin Film Ferroelectrics



Muhammad Zeeshan Khalid. Photo

Dr. Muhammad Zeeshan Khalid

DFT simulations of Ferroelectric domain walls for electronics



Mohsen Sadeqi-Moqadam. Photo

Dr. Mohsen Sadeqi-Moqadam

Electrokinetic of Piezoelectric Ceramics



Kesavan Thangaian Photo

Dr. Kesavan Thangaian

Scalable Sustainable Anodes for Li-ion Batteries by Structural Design





Meenal Agrawal. Photo

Meenal Agrawal

Synthesis and Characterisation of Battery Materials



Ruben Dragland. Photo

Ruben Skjelstad Dragland

Ferroelectric Domain Walls



Marcus Bentzen. Photo

Marcus Bentzen

Liquid-Solid Interactions of Piezoelectric BNT-BT Biomaterials in Aqueous Solutions



Damian Brzozowski. Photo

Damian Brzozowski

Heterostructure optimization and novel epitaxy yielding
chalcogenideoxide magnetic bilayers



Kristoffer Eggestad. Photo

Kristoffer Eggestad

DFT simulations of Ferroelectric Domain Walls for Nanoelectronics



    Ingeborg Sellæg Ellingsen

    Composite Electrolytes for Solid State Batteries



Florian Flatscher. Photo

Florian Flatscher

Li metal anodes for solid-state batteries



Jin Feng. Photo

Jin Feng

High voltage solid state lithium battery



√òyvind Finnseth. Photo

Øyvind Finnseth

Electronic structure at the interface between topological insulators and magnetic oxides



√òystein Gullbrekken. Photo

Øystein Gullbrekken

Solid state electrolytes for lithium-ion batteries



Caitlin Guzzo. Photo

Caitlin Guzzo

Functional piezoelectric ceramics for biomedical applications



Jiali He. Photo

Jiali He

ATRONICS: Creating building blocks for atomic-scale electronics



    Viviann Hole Pedersen 

    Ferroelectric Thin Films



Weicheng Hua. Photo

Weicheng Hua

Exploiting the full potential of SiO2 anodes for Li-ion batteries



Kasper Aas Hunnestad. Photo

Kasper Aas Hunnestad

Ferroelectric domain walls in the hexagonal manganites



Sofie Brandtzæg Hårberg. Photo

Sofie Brandtzæg Hårberg

Materials for wet-design high voltage subsea cables



Man profile - black and white    Oscar Kayanja

    Development of New Materials for Subsea Power Cable Connectors.



    Michael Robert Kelly

    Coatings and surfaces for marine anti-fouling applications



Arpenik Kroyan. Photo

Arpenik Kroyan

Materials Modelling



Yu Liu. Photo

Yu Liu

Thin film deposition



Nora Statle L√∏ndal. Photo

Nora Statle Løndal

Lead-free ferroelectrics for high temperature application



    Mika Serna Malmer

    Development of Solid State Batteries    



Marcus Grand Michaelsen. Photo

Marcus Grand Michaelsen

Engineering of ionic plastic crystals for thermal energy storage



Maria Mykland. Photo

Maria Mykland

How transparency and particle size in Silicon Carbide influence the possibilities for 3D-printing with Digital Light Processing



    Karola Neeleman

    Nanostructured Piezoelectric Thin Films



Hung Quoc Nguyen. Photo

Hung Quoc Nguyen

Solid-state sodium batteries



Harald Norrud Pollen. Photo

Harald Norrud Pollen

High energy cathode materials for Li-ion batteries



Leonie Richarz. Photo

Leonie Richarz

ATRONICS: Creating building blocks for atomic-scale electronics



Ida Cathrine Skogvoll. Photo

Ida Cathrine Skogvoll

DFT simulations of Ferroelectric Domain Walls for Nanoelectronics



Quoc-Anh Tran. Photo

Quoc-Anh Tran

Optimization of cathode composites with argyrodite solid electrolytes



Ivan Ushakov. Photo

Ivan Ushakov

Ferroic Domain Walls



Katharina Wolk. Photo

Katharina Wolk

Atom Probe Tomography



Manuel Peter Zahn. Photo

Manuel Peter Zahn

Towards functional ferroelectrics for nanoelectronics



Caren Regine Zeiger. Photo

Caren Regine Zeiger

Lead-free ferroelectrics for high temperature application






     Ida Håland

    Coatings with anti-fouling properties



    Ida Askeland

    Developing zero-strain cathodes



    Elin Tjomstøl Novak

    Piezoelectric composite ceramic coatings for biomedical application



    Richard Ween Haukedal

    Fabrication and electro chemo-mechanical characterization of thin-film solid-state batteries



    Maja Kristine Gansmo

    Aerosol deposited piezoelectric ceramic coatings for energy applications



    Truls Bakke Eftedal

     Influence of electrical poling conditions on ferroelectric implant materials



    Eirik Brådland Bjelland

    Optimization of electrolytes for aluminium-carbon batteries



    Egil Ytterli Tokle.

    Nanoengineering of Functional Ferroelectric Domain Walls



Håkon T. Gulbrandsen. Photo

Håkon T. Gulbrandsen

In situ formation of lithium metal anode for solid state batteries



√òyvind Mosevoll. Photo

Øyvind Mosevoll

Spark plasma sintering (SPS) of two different qualities of silicon carbide



     Ludvig Solnør

     Li-ion capacitors based on tailored activated carbon materials.



     Sofia Solvang

     Silicon Anodes for Solid-State batteries 



     Ingrid Husum Malvik

     Materials for subsea cables



    Marius Sunde

    Effects of thermal oxidation of silicon on water reactivity



    Jakob Lilleeng Jakobsen

    Novel Electrolytes for Sodium-Ion Batteries through Combining Graph Neural Network and Density Functional Theory Modelling



    Mikael Dahl Kanedal

    Optimalization of Na-S cathode composition




    Hedda Skatter

    Spark plasma sintering of silicon carbide (SiC) and the effect of additives



man profile

    Sindre Mjøen Svendsen

    Ab initio insights into LaWN3



woman profile

    Thea Stabbforsmo

    Lining materials for carbo-chlorination reactors




Lab Equipment

Aside from our close collaborations with NTNU nanoLab and the TEM centre. The group is running state-of-the art laboratories for materials synthesis and characterisation. More information on the specific instruments used for the various types of analysis and characterization can be found here. 

Furnaces and heat treatment
A wide variety of furnaces for material synthesis and conditioning are available, ranging from traditional furnaces up to 1800 oC with ambient atmosphere to controlled atmospheres (oxidising, reducing and inert) up to 1600 oC. A hot press is available up to 2500 oC and as well as equipment for spark plasma sintering (SPS).

Spark plasma sintering (SPS) setup.
Spark plasma sintering (SPS) setup.

Powder characterization
Particle size distribution analysis can be conducted based on laser diffraction ranging from 0.01 to 5000 mm. A combination instrument enables the assessment of surface area (BET), temperature programmed reduction (TPR) and desorption (TPD). Density measurements can be conducted by Archimedes and He-pyknometer. 

Thermal analysis
For the analysis of e.g. sintering characteristics or phase transitions up to 1650 oC the laboratories are equipped with several TGA/DTA/DSC instruments in combination with a mass spectrometer (MS). One DSC instrument is dedicated for experiments from cryogenic to 1000 K. Dilatometers cover both intermediate (1600 oC) and high temperatures (2000 oC). Thermal diffusivity and conductivity can be measured by laser flash up to 1200 oC.

Picture of person in lab coat with experimental equipment.
Preparing for high temperature TGA/DTA analysis of a ceramic sample.

Electrical properties (electronic, ionic, piezo- and ferroelectric)
Furnace units for assessment of electronic/ionic conductivity, impedance spectroscopy (IS) as well as dielectric characterization up to 1200 oC in controlled atmosphere are available. Piezoelectric properties can be determined on bulk materials and thin films. Three different electrochemical test stations for charge/discharge characterization of batteries, with a total of 80 test channels. 8 test channels are available for controlled atmosphere from -20 to 100 °C. Additionally, there is equipment available for ac impedance spectroscopy and cyclic voltammetry analysis.

Micro/nano-structure, spectroscopy and crystallography
Fully equipped laboratories including light- and electron-microscopes (SEM/EDS), X-ray diffraction (XRD) at ambient conditions as well as high temperatures and controlled atmosphere (HTXRD). Atomic force microscopes (AFM/STM) and IR-UV spectroscopy are available.

Picture of person inspecting XRD machine.
Our XRD-lab is a partner in the Norwegian Centre for X-ray Diffraction, Scattering and Imaging (RECX).

Scanning Probe and Atomic Force Microscopy
Our laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art atomic force microscopes (AFM), facilitating imaging experiments at the nanoscale in versatile sample environments. With our AFM setups we routinely perform scanning probe experiments at a wide range of conditions. More information on this lab can be found here

PLD and sputtering system
A system which can design and synthesize advanced nanomaterials and nanocomposites for a wide range of nanotechnology applications. The system consists of two connected vacuum chambers. In the first chamber, multicomponent nanoparticles can be produced and deposited as freestanding nanoparticles or as porous films. In the second chamber, thin film deposition by the PLD technique is performed. The design of the chambers allows the simultaneous deposition of thin film and nanoparticles or a post-landing of nanoparticles on the surface of a PLD-film under controlled conditions. The equipment incorporates a software for the full control of the system.

scientific equipment in a laboratory
PLD Setup

Mechanical characterization
An apparatus for 4-point bending and creep tests in controlled atmospheres up to 1100 oC is available along with a ball-on-ring apparatus for testing brittle materials at ambient conditions. Hardness and fracture toughness are assessed by Vickers while surface hardness also may be measured by a dedicated instrument performing scratch testing.

Modelling capabilities
Software for density functional theory (DFT: VASP, Quantum Espresso), molecular dynamics (MD, Lammps), finite element method (FEM, COMSOL) and thermodynamic calculations (Factsage). Computational resources provided by Sigma2.


Picture of person in laboratory for solid state batteries.
The International Christian Doppler (CD) Laboratory for Solid State Batteries at NTNU is led by Associate Professor Daniel Rettenwander and is equipped for electrochemical characterization, battery manufacturing and mechanochemistry

Electrochemical characterization:
For inert atmosphere measurements a Mbraun glovebox (2x2 gloves) is available with inbuilt RF Magnetron Sputtering and metal evaporator (Li,Na) for sample coating. Microcontact measurements in inert atmosphere at low and high temperatures are done in an Everbeing Microcontact Cryostation. A Solartron Cryocell is available for low temperature impedance spectroscopy. Volume changes during electrochemical testing of batteries are measured with our Electrochemical Dilatometer (El-Cell).

Battery manufacturing
Two connected MBraun gloveboxes (2x2 gloves) containing everything needed for material synthesis (3 Nabertherm box furnaces) and cell fabrication (share mixture, vacuum furnace, tape casting, calendaring, cutting, coin cell press, etc.)

Two Fritsch Planetary mills (Pulverisette 7 premium line) are used for mechanosynthesis as well as particle size reduction down to the nano range. A mechanical sieve is available to produce different particle size distributions. For bonding and coating different powders a Hosokawa PicoBond Mechanofusion device is available.

Access to infrastructure and facilities provided by NTNU-NANO-lab clean rooms, NORFAB, RECX  and NORTEM, as well as Atom Probe Tomography (APT). We also make regular use of ESRF and other synchrotrons and neutron sources.

Most Recent Publications 2020-2023


A full list of publications sorted by decade can be found here



F. Flatscher, J. Todt, M. Burghammer, H.-S. Søreide, L. Porz, Y. Li, S. Wenner, V. Bobal, S. Ganschow, B. Sartory, R. Brunner, C. Hatzoglou, J. Keckes, D. Rettenwander
Deflecting Dendrites by Introducing Compressive Stress in Li7La3Zr2O12 Using Ion Implantation
Nano Micro Small

V. H. Pedersen, E. A. Chavez Panduro, W. Hua, M. G. Michaelsen, D. Chernyshov, J. Walker, T. Grande, M.-A. Einarsrud
Thermal expansion of SrxBa1−xNb2O6 across and above the ferroelectric phase transition
J. Euro. Ceram. Soc. 

F.H. Danmo, I.-E. Nylund, A. Westermoen, K.P. Marshall, D. Stoian, T. Grande, J. Glaum and S.M. Selbach
Oxidation kinetics of nanocrystalline hexagonal RMn1-xTixO3 (R = Ho, Dy)
ACS Appl. Mater. Interf.

E. R. Østli, A. Mathew, J. R. Tolchard, D. Brandell, A. M. Svensson, S. M. Selbach, N. P. Wagner
Stabilizing the Cathode Interphase of LNMO using an Ionic-liquid based Electrolyte
Batteries and Supercaps

D. René Småbråten, I.-E. Nylund, K. Marshall, J. Walker, M. Benelmekki, M.-A. Einarsrud, J. Kioseoglou, and S. M. Selbach
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D. Bedaux, S. Kjelstrup, S. K. Schnell
Nanothermodynamics: Theory and Applications
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O. W. Sandvik, A. M. Müller, H. W. Ånes, M.Zahn, J. He, M. Fiebig, T. Lottermoser, T. Rojac, D. Meier, and J. Schultheiß
Pressure Control of Nonferroelastic Ferroelectric Domains in ErMnO3
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K. A. Hunnestad, J. Schultheiß, A. C. Mathisen, I. N. Ushakov, C. Hatzoglou, A. T. J. van Helvoort, D. Meier
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ChemPhysChem 2023

F.H. Fagerli, P. E. Vullum, T. Grande, Z. Wang, S. M. Selbach, K. Wiik, N. P. Wagner
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FlatChem (2023)

I.-E. Nylund, C. R. Zeiger, D. Peng, P. E. Vullum, J. Walker, M.-A. Einarsrud, T. Grande
Centrosymmetric Tetragonal Tungsten Bronzes A4Bi2Nb10O30 (A = Na, K, Rb) with a Bi 6s Lone Pair
Chem. Mater. (2023)


E. R. Østli, M. Ebadi, Y. Tesfamhret, M. Mahmoodinia, M. J. Lacey, D. Brandell, A. M. Svensson, S. M. Selbach, N. P. Wagner
On the Durability of Protective Titania Coatings on High-Voltage Spinel Cathodes

B. Jiang, D.Y. Lin;  X. Wang,  S. M. Selbach,  K. Page
Special quasirandom structures description of the local structure of disordered Bi0.5K0.5TiO3
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Inorg. Chem., 61 (2022)

V.H. Pedersen, A.B. Blichfeld, K. Bakken, D. Chernyshov, T. Grande, M.-A. Einarsrud
Crystallization and texturing of SrxBa1-xNb2O6; thin films prepared by aqueous solution deposition – an in situ X-ray diffraction study
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S.P. Singh, N. Kanas, M.-A. Einarsrud and K. Wiik
The effect of alkaline earth metal substitution on thermoelectric properties of A0.98La0.02MnO3-d (A = Ca, Ba)
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A.R. Terrizzi, M. Fersini, V. Contaldi, S. K. Padmanabhan, M.-A. Einarsrud, A. Lucciulli
Mechanical and tribological properties of injectin molded zirconia-alumina for orthopedic implants
Ceram. Int., 48 (2022)

K. Bakken, O. G. Grendal and M.-A. Einarsrud
In situ characterisation for studying nucleation and growth of nanostructured materials and thin films during liquid-based synthesis
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K. A. Hunnestad, C. Hatzoglou, Z. M. Khalid, P. E. Vullum, Z. Yan, E. Bourret, A. T. J. van Helvoort, S. M. Selbach and D. Meier
Atomic-scale 3D imaging of individual dopant atoms in an oxide semiconductor
Nat. Commun. 13 (2022) 4783

N. Kanas, B. A. D. Williamson, F. Steinbach, R. Hinterding, M.-A. Einarsrud, S. M. Selbach, A. Feldhoff and K. Wiik
Tuning the Thermoelectric Performance of CaMnO3-Based Ceramics by Controlled Exsolution and Microstructuring
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D. Meier and S.M. Selbach
Ferroelectric domain walls for nanotechnology
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The third dimension of ferroelectric domain walls
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Unveiling AC electronic properties at ferroelectric domain walls
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Ferroelectric domain engineering using structural defect ordering
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I.-E. Nylund, M. Tsoutsouva, T. Grande and D. Meier
Observation of cation-specific critical behavior at the improper ferroelectric phase transition in Gd2(MoO4)3
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C. Fernandez-Poseda, Ch. Haines, D. M. Evans, Z. Yan, E. Bourret, D. Meier and M. Carpenter
Magnetoelastic properties of multiferroic hexagonal ErMnO3
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J. Schultheiß,F. Xue,E. Roede,H. W. Ånes,F. H. Danmo,S. M. Selbach,L.-Q. Chen and D. Meier
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Ferroelectric and dielectric properties of Ca2+-doped and Ca2+-Ti4+ co-doped K0.5Na0.5NbO3 thin films
J. Mater. Chem. C 8 (2020) 5102-5111.

J. Walker, R. Miranti, S. L. Skjærvø, T. Rojac, T. Grande and M.-A. Einarsrud
Super-coercive electric field hysteresis in ferroelectric plastic crystal tetramethylammonium bromotrichloroferrate(III)
J. Mater. Chem. C 8 (2020) 3206-3216.

O. G. Grendal, I.-E. Nylund, A. B. Blichfeld, S. Tominaka, K. Ohara, S. M. Selbach, T. Grande and M.-A. Einarsrud
Controlled growth of SrxBa1‐xNb2O6 hopper‐ and cube‐shaped nanostructures by hydrothermal synthesis
Chem. Eur. J. 26 (2020) 1-9.

A. E. Gunnæs, R. Tofan, K. Berland, S. Gorantla, T. Storaas, T. D. Desissa, M. Schrade, C. Persson, M.-A. Einarsrud, K. Wiik, T. Norby and N. Kanas
Chemical stability of Ca3Co4-xO9+δ/CaMnO3-δ p–n junction for oxide-based thermoelectric generators
RSC Adv. 10 (2020) 5026.

S. P. Singh, N. Kanas, T. D. Desissa, M. Johnsson, M.-A. Einarsrud, T. Norby and K. Wiik
Thermoelectric properties of A-site deficient La-doped SrTiO3 at 100–900 °C under reducing conditions
J. Eur. Ceram. Soc. 40 (2020) 401-407.

O. Bak, T. S. Holstad, Y. Tan, H. Lu, D. M. Evans, K. A. Hunnestad, B. Wang, J. P. V. McConville, P. Becker, L. Bohatý, I. Lukyanchuk, V. M. Vinokur, A. T. J. van Helvoort, J. M. Gregg, L.-Q. Chen, D. Meier and A. Gruverman
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Controlling local resistance via electric-field induced dislocations
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T. Lottermoser and D. Meier
A short history of multiferroics
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Local control of improper ferroelectric domains in YMnO3
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S. Senanu, Z. Wang, A. P. Ratvik and T. Grande
Carbon Cathode Wear in Aluminium Electrolysis Cells
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L. Rioja-Monllor, C. Bernuy-Lopez, M.-L. Fontaine, T. Grande and M.-A. Einarsrud
Microstructural and compositional optimization of La0.5Ba0.5CoO3-δ - BaZr1-zYzO3-δ (z = 0, 0.05 and 0.1) nanocomposite cathodes for protonic ceramic fuel cells
J. Phys. Energy 2 (2020) 015001.

Upcoming Events:


Group News 2023

people standing in front of a screen

Congratulations to Dr Kasper Aas Hunnestad who successfully defended his PhD thesis “Nanoscale Chemical Analysis of Ferroic Materials and Phenomena" on Friday 24th November. We are incredibly proud of his great performance.

From left to right: Supervisor Prof. Dennis Meier, Examiners Dr Miryam Arredondo-Arechavala (The Queen's University of Belfast, UK), Professor Baptiste Gault (Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung, Germany), and Associate Professor Hendrik Bentmann, (NTNU, Norway).

Photo Credits: Leonie Richarz


Associate Professor Ingrid Hallsteinsen shines light on the recent Nobel Prize winners in Chemistry. The article can be found here: forskning.no .


PhD candidate Kristoffer Eggestad presenting his work on "Doping Implications for Garnet Li7La3Zr2O12" as the first in a series new IMA Friday Seminars - showcasing work from across the department. (waffles included)

compiilation of people in a room and someone painting


FACET group leader Professor Mari-Ann Einarsrud has won a prestigious Fellowship of the American Ceramic Society.


Dr Frida Hemstad Danmo successfully defended her PhD thesis “Oxygen Absorption in Hexagonal Manganites” on Friday 23rd June.


International Workshop on "Advanced Characterization of Li-ion Batteries by Neutrons and X-rays".

on 20th - 22nd June, FACET helped to organise and host the International workshop on Advanced Characterization of Li-ion Batteries by Neutrons and X-rays. 


SUSTBATT Consortium Meeting

The 19th -20th of June we had a Consortium Meeting of the Project SUSTBATT (Sustainable scalable anodes for Li-ion batteries by structural design, https://project-sustbatt.eu/).

ISCREAM Internal Seminar 2023

March heralded in the yearly ISCREAM seminar day (Internal Sustainability Conference for Research on Energy and Advanced Materials) at Skistua in Bymarka. The day was filled with excellent presentations by PhD and Postdoc members of the FACET group. During lunch we enjoyed the time sledding, skiing, making snowmen/cats and generally socialising. The day ended with dinner and social activities.

photo montage of people in the snow and presenting stuff


NKS FUM Annual Meeting 2023


15 FACET group members presented their work at this year's NKS FUM conference in Værnes. Special congratulations to Frida Hemstad Danmo for winning the best presentation prize for her work on "Kinetics of Oxidation in RMnO3+δ".

photo collage of science people presenting


Dr Frode Håskjold Fagerli successfully defended his PhD thesis "A study on multilayered MXenes for rechargeable battery electrodes through surface termination control" on Friday 20th January

people in a room looking happy



earlier group news can be found here




There are currently no vacancies. 


The PhD admission requirements for admission to PhD program can be found here.

Open positions (PhD and post doc.) will be posted here.


Group Leader:
Professor Mari-Ann Einarsrud
E-mail: mari-ann.einarsrud@ntnu.no
Phone: +47 48 13 65 21

Visiting address:
Sem Sælandsvei 12

Postal address:
Functional Materials and Materials Chemistry Research Group
att: Mari-Ann Einarsrud
Department of Materials Science and Engineering



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Mari-Ann Einarsrud. Photo.

Professor Mari-Ann Einarsrud
+47 48 13 65 21

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Scientific Highlights


FACET group leader Professor Mari-Ann Einarsrud has won a prestigious Fellowship of the American Ceramic Society.

Frida Hemstad Danmo won the best presentation prize at this year's NKS FUM meeting for work she carried out on Kinetics of oxidation in RMnO3+δ.

woman winning a prize next to a man

Jan Schultheiß received the 2022 Electroceramics Young Researcher Award (EYRA) for his contributions to the study of ferroelectric domains and domain-walls, which he carried out at FACET.

award winners with their prize
Jan receiving the 2022 Electroceramics Young Researcher Award.  From left: Prof. Pascal Marchet (Electroceramics Network Chair) and Dr. Jan Schultheiß (Feodor Lynen Research Fellow at IMA). The EYRA award is given every 2 years, during the Electroceramics conference, in order to honor promising international young researchers in the field of Electroceramics

Professor Dennis Meier received the NV Faculty Day award for Outstanding Research during this years NV Faculty Day.

award winners with their prize
Dennis receiving the NV faculty Day award for Outstanding research. From the left; Catherine Taylor Nordgård (Vice Dean for Innovation), Kurt Ingar Draget (Researcher at IBT), Dennis Meier (Professor at IMA) and Magnus Rønning (Vice Dean for Research). Photo: Per Henning/NTNU

Group photo

On the 11th of May 2022 the new Gemini-senter for Thermal Energy Storage (Termisk Energilagring, TEL) was announced for the period from 2022 to 2026. The Center involves research groups from Sintef Energy, Sintef Industry, Sintef Ocean, NTNU Department of energy and Process Engineering, and Department of Materials Science and Engineering with FACET group members Julian Walker, Mari-Ann Einarsrud and Sverre Selbach


Selected Publications for 2023

F.H. Fagerli, P. E. Vullum, T. Grande, Z. Wang, S. M. Selbach, K. Wiik, N. P. Wagner
Bulk Substitution of F-terminations from Ti3C2Tx MXene by cation pillaring and gas hydrolysation
FlatChem (2023)

I.-E. Nylund, C. R. Zeiger, D. Peng, P. E. Vullum, J. Walker, M.-A. Einarsrud, T. Grande
Centrosymmetric Tetragonal Tungsten Bronzes A4Bi2Nb10O30 (A = Na, K, Rb) with a Bi 6s Lone Pair
Chem. Mater. (2023)



Group News


Dr Frida Hemstad Danmo successfully defended her PhD thesis “Oxygen Absorption in Hexagonal Manganites” on Friday 23rd June.


International Workshop on "Advanced Characterization of Li-ion Batteries by Neutrons and X-rays".

on 20th - 22nd June, FACET helped to organise and host the International workshop on Advanced Characterization of Li-ion Batteries by Neutrons and X-rays. 



More group news can be found here.

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