Excited 2022-2026 Vision


For the five-year period 2022-2026 our vision is to bring Norway to the forefront of innovative IT education and to provide IT education for a sustainable and digital future. Integration of sustainability in IT education is at the core of the centre's activities. As a society we face highly complex challenges related to sustainability. The candidates taking part in the IT studies are expected to have the relevant competence to handle these challenges. This requires higher education to follow suit in our courses and study programs - in terms of learning objectives, pedagogy and the use of technology to support learning.


Excited 2022-2026 Activity Clusters

Core activities

Our work towards our vision is organized in three activity clusters: Cluster 1 - Learning outcomes and structureCluster 2 - Pedagogy, and Cluster 3 - Tools and infrastructure. While these three areas overlap, they allow us to structure our effort in a way which is familiar to students and colleagues and invites involvement and collaboration.


After Excited has completed ten years as a Centre for Excellent IT Education:​

  • We have developed arenas for experience exchange, knowledge building and culture building in IT education
  • Through active collaboration with IT students we have made a positive and lasting contribution to the quality of student life
  • NTNU and Nord University have a culture for innovative IT education grounded in IT education research
  • NTNU and Nord University are nationally and internationally renowned for our R&D within higher IT education in the areas of curriculum development, pedagogy, and tools and infrastructure for learning
  • NTNU and Nord University have a leading role internationally in the area of sustainability and IT education, in particular with regard to the practical and systematic integration of sustainability in teaching



What is an SFU initiative?

What is an SFU initiative?


The Norwegian Centres for Excellence in Education is a prestigious scheme that gives Norway’s leading educational communities the resources to further develop their programmes and practises. It is is financed by the Ministry of Education. The scheme was established in 2010 and is managed by the Directorate for Higher Education and Skills. There are 12 centers with SFU status.

The scheme is a targeted and long-term effort to stimulate the development of teaching practises and new approaches to learning in higher education – both at bachelor’s and master’s degree level. The SFU scheme creates a unique room for action for the development of educational practice and educational expertise over time, and is therefore important in the strategic work on developing educational quality in the Norwegian higher education sector.

Learn more about the SFU initiative and other SFUs

Collaborations and membership in CS Education organizations

Collaborations and membership in CS Education organizations

Excited are members of All Digital 

Informatics Europe, of which NTNU is part and ACM Europe, together in Informatics for all, have a declaration for promoting Informatics in Schools that we promote and support. 

Excited participated in organizing the ACM conference ITiCSE 2020. Originally this conference was supposed to be at NTNU, but ended up being the first all digital ITiCSE conference. 

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