Excited Miniprojects 2023

Excited Miniprojects 2023

Miniprojects carried out in collaboration with Excited in 2023

Contact person: Ali Shariq Imran 

E-mail: ali.imran@ntnu.no

Phonenumber: +47 611 35 298 


A feedback assessment tool for improving course delivery 

Through support from NTNU Excited, Ali Imran has conducted a research project to facilitate effective feedback and thereby enhance the quality of education.

The project involved building a web application to address the challenges of obtaining feedback from students. This was achieved by facilitating simple, seamless feedback. Within the platform, instructors can request feedback after specific events and utilize sentiment analysis techniques to continuously monitor and gain insight into students' experiences of the course.

The project comprises three main elements: the application allowing students to provide feedback, the integration of sentiment analysis enabling real-time evaluation of the feedback, and a dashboard for instructors to track progress through data-driven visualizations. The tool will be tested in various subjects and application areas at NTNU throughout the autumn semester. If successful, it could become a valuable tool not only locally at NTNU but also for other universities and educational domains.


Contact person: Tonje Jin

E-mail: tonje.jin@ntnu.no

Phonenumber: +47 611 35 235 


Math video lectures adaptable to pre-knowledge of students 

"Learning mathematics digitally is challenging, especially within STEM education. Through a project funded by Excited, Tonje Jin has explored a learning format where students experience real-time lectures tailored to their individual pre-existing knowledge. In these lectures, students have the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers through dynamic branched videos.

The videos were introduced to engineering students in Linear Algebra at NTNU in the spring of 2023. The feedback from the students was highly positive, and the dynamic videos provided a more seamless learning experience. In addition to accommodating various levels of pre-existing knowledge, the video format also allows students who might not typically ask questions to receive the necessary support they need. Moving forward, more data will be collected on the impact of the video format, both among STEM and economics students. It is not unlikely that dynamic branched videos represent the future of digital education."

Contact person:  Simone Mora

E-mail: simone.mora@ntnu.no


Coding workshop to tackle sustainability challenges with data

"In a time when sustainability is becoming increasingly prominent, IT education programs face the challenge of incorporating this interdisciplinary subject into their curricula. With support from NTNU Excited, Simone Mora and his team delved into this challenge. The solution they arrived at was a hands-on coding activity that provides IT students with firsthand experience working with real environmental data from Trondheim. This included aspects such as air quality, temperature, and noise. By building upon an Open Source project from MIT and utilizing data from the Trondheim municipality, the activity offers a realistic learning experience.

The project's outcomes range from Python coding challenges to a workshop protocol and facilitator guide. After receiving positive feedback in spring 2023, the future looks promising for this approach. With further development and fine-tuning, this method has the potential to become the standard for sustainable education within IT at NTNU and potentially at other institutions."

Contact person: Jostein Engesmo

E-mail: jostein.engesmo@ntnu.no

Phonenumber: +47 734 12 647


Emotional Awareness 

In a time where digitization plays an increasingly important role in students' learning, Jostein Engesmo, along with Fay Giæver and Niki Panteli, explored emotional awareness through digital tools to promote better study habits. With the aid of smartwatches and applications, students could delve into their study habits, learn to manage distractions, and enhance their overall learning experience.

The collected data showed how students' daily choices, such as sleep and the use of digital devices, directly impacted their learning experiences. Based on feedback from participating students, it appears that awareness of these habits can lead to more meaningful and effective learning.

Contact person: Damiano Varagnolo

E-mail:  damiano.varagnolo@ntnu.no

Phonenumber: +47 481 28 922


Foster reusability of high quality assessment material among teachers 

With support from Excited, Damiano Varagnolo has contributed to a more sustainable IT education. The self-developed portal https://faceit.pythonanywhere.com/ promotes the reuse of assessment material for teachers and simplifies self-assessment for students. Funding from Excited has enabled enhancements in how questions are added to and retrieved from the portal and has also focused on the user experience for both students and instructors through events where users could provide feedback.

Contact person:  Tjerand Silde

E-mail: tjerand.silde@ntnu.no

Phonenumber:  +47 473 01 607


Developing and evaluating hands-on cryptography training 

Tjerand Silde, through support from Excited, has received funding to develop and test materials for use in a new cryptography course at NTNU. The course involves project-based learning and the use of specialized hardware to conduct side-channel attacks on cryptography. Through the funding provided by Excited, Tjerand has, among other things, had the opportunity to seek assistance from students to evaluate and provide feedback on the academic content before its first-time instruction.

Contact person:  Leonardo Montecchi

E-mail:  leonardo.montecchi@ntnu.no


Planning an Excit-ing Programming Languages Course  

Leonardo Montecchis has led a project aimed at revitalizing the "TDT4165 course to foster greater satisfaction and engagement among students. Previously, the course relied on the Oz/Mozart environment, suffering from a lack of updates and causing frustration among students. Consequently, the project initially focused on identifying suitable, modern programming languages to update teaching materials. Theoretical concepts were adapted to these new languages, and efforts were made to discover new textbooks. The project resulted in a more relevant, practical, and engaging course, emphasizing both theoretical robustness and practical application.

Contact person: Helga Sigurðardóttir

E-mail: helga.d.sigurdardottir@nord.no

Phonenumber:  +47 741 12 114


Media and Games – History and Culture

Helga D. Isfold Sigurdardottir at Nord University has led a project to transform teaching and evaluation methods in the course "Media and Games - History and Culture." The project involved introducing three different non-digital game development tasks: a quiz game, a board game, and a role-playing game, each associated with different modules in the course. The aim is to provide students with practical experience in game development and a deeper understanding of the history and culture of games. Previously relying on written assignments and a take-home exam, the course now incorporates game development as an evaluation method. This provides a more realistic experience of the game development process and contributes to increased motivation among students. The funds from Excited have been used, among other things, to hire student assistants to conduct workshops, coordinate with students, and assist in evaluation.

Contact person: Oddlaug Marie Lindgaard

E-mail: oddlaug.m.lindgaard@nord.no

Phonenumber: +47 740 22 703


Using infographics as a tool for analysis and presentation

Oddlaug Lindgaard, Line Kolås, and Ninni Rotmo Olsen at Nord University have conducted a project that promotes the use of infographics in IT students' research work, addressing challenges many students face when dealing with data analysis. The project, inspired by Line's observations about the need to improve students' analytical skills, utilized Katie A. Lineers' expertise through workshops. This approach resulted in students developing a deeper understanding and clarity for their projects. A teaching program consisting of nine exercises in infographics was developed and is planned to be used as part of future teaching. Support from Excited has made it possible to bring in expertise from external experts and facilitate pedagogical initiatives.

A picture showing teaching methods using infographics
Infographics as analysis tool

Picture showing data analysis using infographics
Dataanalysis with use of infographics

Contact person: Özlem Özgöbek

E-mail: ozlem.ozgobek@ntnu.no

Phonenumber: +47 735 94 728


Improving Recommender Systems learning outcomes

Özlem Özgöbek has led a mini-project aimed at improving the learning outcomes in the course "Recommendation Systems," by incorporating sustainability principles and updating the course content in line with the rapid advancements in recommendation systems. This field is becoming increasingly popular and has significant societal implications, particularly in entertainment, e-commerce, and education. Resources from Excited have been used to hire a teaching assistant to revise the learning objectives and enhance the group project in the course, as well as to conduct an assessment of open-source development tools.

Contact person: Adam Palmquist

E-mail: adam.palmquist@nord.no

Phonenumber: +47 740 22 954


Make Game Design Documentation Great Again

Adam Palmquist has led a mini-project aimed at providing first-year students in Game and Experience Technology at Nord University with practical experience in game design documentation using the tool LOOPS. Research in game development shows that success relies on continuous game testing and a clear documentation process. Through the project, first-year students have strengthened their understanding of theoretical principles in documentation through practical application.

Excited Miniprojects 2022

Excited Miniprojects 2022

Miniprojects carried out in collaboration with Excited in 2022


Contact person: Babak A. Farshchian

E-mail: babak.farshchian@ntnu.no

Phonenumber: +47 735 93 677


Identification of threshold concepts in IT3010: Empirical Research Methods in IT and Digitalization

Babak A. Farshchian has received support from Excited to further develop and redesign the course IT3010 - Methods for Empirical Research in IT and Digitalization. Many students found the course challenging, resorting to defining and addressing superficial research projects and paraphrasing existing literature. At the same time, students encounter challenges with teamwork and feedback within the course. Through the support from Excited, Babak conducted a qualitative study using threshold concepts to analyze the course. This serves as a basis for further developing the subject, aiming to make it significantly relevant for IT students in their work with complex issues.


Contact person: Frank Alexander Kraemer

E-mail: kraemer@ntnu.no 


A digital tool for student reflection and feedback from instructors

As one of Excited's mini-projects, Frank Kraemer has led the improvement of a reflection tool for students. The tool is used by instructors and Kraemer as a means to better understand the students' academic experiences. It enables student assistants in the courses to sort and filter feedback, allowing the instructor to capture the most essential information and adjust teaching accordingly. Previously, the tool had been implemented using Microsoft Automation, Forms, and manual transfers. Therefore, the project's focus has been on building an automated tool that manages the entire process and simultaneously makes the tool accessible to multiple instructors by being open-source and hosted on a simple server.


Contact person: Robin T. Bye

E-mail: robin.t.bye@ntnu.no

Phonenumber: +47 701 61 549


Sustainable and Meaningful Investments in IoT Technology Fostering Learning

Robin T. Bye led a mini-project exploring various IoT technologies to establish the most suitable ones for use in the course AIS2103 IoT and Network Programming. Through the project, they mitigate the risk of erroneous investments when scaling the equipment to accommodate more than 50 students in the course. The project was carried out by student assistants under guidance and provided valuable learning outcomes in cybersecurity and IoT. Simultaneously, the results can be applied to similar courses, thus contributing to strengthening the university's focus and expertise in the field.


Contact person: Trond Aalberg

E-mail: trond.aalberg@ntnu.no

Phonenumber: +47 735 97 952


External Feedback on Project Work as Formative Assessment in IT2810 - Web Development

With support from Excited, the course IT2810 - Web Development at NTNU has taken steps to enhance the assessment process and its connection to the industry.

With approximately 200 participating students annually, providing comprehensive and precise feedback is challenging. The solution has been to involve external stakeholders to evaluate the students' work. Unique to the project is the issue of quantity and the focus on integrating external evaluations into the development process. The direct link between academia and industry practice also allows for new perspectives and strengthens the sense of relevance for the students.



Contact person: Greg Curda

E-mail: gregory.j.curda@nord.no

Phonenumber: +47 741 12 016


Professionalization of Students' Audio Editing Tools

With support from NTNU Excited, Greg Curda conducted a project aimed at improving the audio quality in student projects within the fields of Film and TV, CGA, Animation, and Game Technology.

At the core of the project was providing students access to professional "add-on tools" that utilize artificial intelligence to streamline audio editing, particularly dialogue tracks. The motivation behind the project stemmed, among other reasons, from the potential of such tools, which are often beyond students' reach, to enhance students' productivity and the quality of their work.


Contact person: Helga D. Isfold Sigurdardottir

E-mail: helga.d.sigurdardottir@nord.no

Phonenumber: +47 741 12 114 


Engagement and Industry Relevance for Game Development Students

With support from NTNU Excited, Helga D. Isfold Sigurdardottir conducted a two-year initiative aimed at improving learning outcomes for game development students at Nord University. The core objective of the project was to enhance the understanding of the gaming industry and the requisites for success within the field.

Students in the bachelor's program for game development and experience technology had valuable opportunities to expand their networks and insights into the gaming industry by participating in key conferences such as Konsoll 2022 and Sweden Game Conference. These experiences, combined with visits to gaming and entertainment technology companies in Trondheim, contributed to boosting students' confidence, business understanding, and insights into the startup landscape for gaming in Norway.


Contact person: Kristin Susanne Karlsen

E-mail: kristika@ntnu.no 

Phonenumber: +47 735 95 204,  +47 920 78 164 


Improving Student Collaboration in TDT4120 - Algorithms and Data Structures

At IDI, the course instructor noticed that students in the course TDT4120 Algorithms and Data Structures found the course material challenging. In response, with support from Excited, a structured collaborative platform was established for the students. While the exercises in the course remained individual, students were given the opportunity to sign up for groups through a digital system. These groups met weekly to discuss and better comprehend assignments and course content, emphasizing that the final task solution should remain individual.


Contact person: Baiheng Wu

E-mail: baiheng.wu@ntnu.no

Phonenumber: +47 939 66 566 


Engineering Practice in Mechatronics and Software for Robotics

With support from Excited, Baiheng Wu and his team conducted a project aiming to systematize and enhance educational practices for engineering studies at the Department of ICT and Natural Sciences. The project's primary focus was to explore how leading institutions like the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University organize their engineering practices. The team also aimed to optimize the use of local resources to enhance students' experiences in engineering practices. A key initiative in the project involved designing modular robotics platforms aimed at engaging younger students and potentially increasing the number of applicants to the department's bachelor's and master's programs.


Contact person: Anne C. Elster

E-mail: elster@ntnu.no

Phonenumber: +47 981 02 638, +15 127 518 962 


Teaching Parallel Computing from a Sustainable Perspective

With support from NTNU Excited, Anne C. Elster and her team conducted a project aimed at integrating sustainability as a key component in teaching parallel computing.

The main objective of the project was to link the technical aspects of parallel computing with sustainable considerations. This involved analyzing the environmental impact of data processing and the significance of code optimization within a sustainable context.