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Excited Kick-off 5 April 2022

Film about the kick-off evvent 5 April 2022

Some videos from our projects and activities

Some videos from our projects and activities

What do our students think about being part of Excited?

We talked to students at both NTNU and Nord, both part of Excited and just part of the study programs we focus our activities towards. 


How did the students at IDI experience the Corona shut down of campus and quarantining for two months?


26. May 2020 Excited led the program comittee for the NTNU computer department seminar, focusing on digital and blended learning environments. In preparation for the seminar, we asked everyone to connect with some student perspectives through this video.

The spring semester 2020 has been challenging and different for them, and it looks like the fall will not be quite the same either. How did the students experience this challenging time? What are their thoughts on the online education so far? As a mental preparation for the seminar, we challenged them to think about if any of these perspectives surprised tehm, and how they could take them with you when preparing for the fall semester?

Catch IDI 2020, A research conference for students and faculty at Department of Computer Science at NTNU

Catch IDI is a conference for a big departement with campuses in two cities with the goal of inspiring, motivating and engaging students and staff. We want everyone to spend a day catching up with what’s happening! This was the second time we arranged it. 







A podcast for educators from the Directorate for Higher Education and Skills.

The podcast is in Norwegian.

Digital assessment is linked to various challenges. In a conversation with Birgit Rognebakke Krogstie and Thomas Gjesteland, topics such as work relevance, calculators, cheating and more are discussed.

Read more about and listen to the podcast about digital assessment with Birgit R. Krogstie and Thomas Gjesteland


Nokutpodden is a Norwegian national podcast on higher level didactics.

The podcasts are in Norwegian.

Trond Aalberg from "Projects of Becomming" guested  #24 The one about peer reviewing students

Rune Hjelsvold from "Sharing and Diversity" guested  #15 The one about cross campus education