Informed Decisions boks

Informed Decisions

Photo of the projects stand at NKUL 2019

Increasing the knowledge of IT and the IT profession for pre-university students was the goal of the project Informed Decisions.

Projects of becoming boks

Projects of Becoming

Students working at IDI study day

Supporting new students to embark on two challenging projects: in the short term to become a student, in the longer term to become an IT professional.

Career Readiness boks

Career Readiness

Students at Catch IDI 2018

Aims to strengthen and expand the education-work connectivity by providing students’ with “real-life industry-driven” learning.

Learning through Construction boks

Learning Through Construction

Maintain and further develop students’ interest and excitement by creative design of IT artefacts.

Sharing and Diversity boks

Sharing and Diversity

Photo of students on two campuses working together

Developing highly efficient cross-campus learning spaces and spaces for teacher sharing of experiences and learning resources.