Excited Seminar Week on Research in IT Education

Excited Seminar Week on Research in IT Education

Photo: Kai T. Dragland/NTNU

Excited SFU welcomes you to a week of seminars for learning more about research in IT education and sharing your experiences!

When: May 30 – June 3 2022
Where: NTNU Gløshaugen, Trondheim
Tentative program: see News and Events section at www.ntnu.edu/excited

The target group for the seminar is teaching staff and PhD candidates at NTNU and Nord University.

The seminar will cover hot topics in IT education research, combining state-of-the art theory with a practical perspective and the opportunity to exchange experiences with colleagues and experts. All the seminar days will include a combination of expert presentations and hands-on group work. The seminar will also offer opportunities to reflect on and discuss your own pedagogical practice and development work, e.g., in the context of plans for further qualification.

The overall program is as follows, with more details to be offered closer to the event:

On Thursday 2 June at 19:00 there will be a dinner for all seminar participants.

It is possible to participate in one or more seminar days. However, we ask that you participate for whole days, including the practical activities. For those participating the whole week, we will provide an informal letter of confirmation of attendance. 

We will offer the possibility to attend the plenary presentations remotely. We encourage our colleagues from other campuses/institutions to make a trip to Trondheim for on-site participation on one or more of the seminar days!

Registration form here

New registration deadline for the seminar: 10 May 2022

The seminar is a mandatory part of NTNU’s PhD level course IT8007 (7.5 stp). For PhD Candidates at NTNU who consider signing up for the PhD course IT8007, please have a look at the course description and remember the deadline for course registration: 15 February 2022.

We hope many of you are interested and will join the Excited seminar week!

Excited Kick-off 5 April at DIGS, Trondheim



Excited Kick-off on 5 April at DIGS

Photo: Kai T. Dragland/NTNU

When: 5 April, 14:00-21:00 CET
Where: DIGS, Krambugata 2, Trondheim
Target audience: computing education enthusiasts, teaching and administrative staff at NTNU and Nord university, representatives from the industry and student associations, students
Language: English

The event marks the start of Excited’s second 5-years period with exciting talks and discussions. The particular focus will be on the topics The IT professional of the future and The innovative and exploring educator. The event will offer many opportunities for mingling, discussions and networking. We would like this to be a bit more celebration than conference, but professional content is clearly part of the program: a mix of panel sessions, including discussion where the audience is encouraged to participate. There will be several mingling areas with  stands and posters that present different groups and activities.

We are delighted to have our colleague from KTH, Anne-Kathrin Peters giving a keynote speech on the topic of IT education for sustainability. She is Associate Professor in technology education, with a focus on sustainability, especially equality, diversity and social justice. 





Registration and light lunch. Mingling, posters and demos




Keynote: IT education for sustainability


Mingling, posters and demos


Panel session: The IT professional of the future: Employer and student perspectives


Mingling, posters and demos


Panel session: The innovative educator


Artistic performance



All participants are invited to enjoy a light lunch upon arrival, and later an artistic performance and a joint dinner at the venue. 

Read more about presenters and performers

Photos from the event

SFU Excited open webinars for teaching staff Spring 2022

SFU Excited open webinars for teaching staff Spring 2022

Curious about current issues, new tools and methods in IT education?
 Join the SFU Excited Spring 2022 webinar series!

Centre for Excellent IT Education, Excited, aims at bringing Norway in the forefront of innovative IT education and making IT an increasingly more attractive study choice for young people. These webinars aim at creating arenas for discussions and reflection among the teaching staff. Each webinar will be held in Zoom and include a presentation and a Q&A session.

Register the SFU Excited Webinars Spring 2022!

The main audience will be the academic personnel from NTNU and NORD University involved in teaching, IT education and related research. At the beginning, there will be a short introduction, the main slot will be for the presentation on the topic below, and after that there will be time for questions from the audience.

IDI Work Day

IDI Work Day

Are you 1st years student and study IT related subjects at NTNU in Trondheim?

Every week from now on, there an IDI Work Day from 8-12 in the room A4-165. Excited and IDI TDT4100 teaching assistants are available and help with the excercises. Coffee and baguettes will also be served. Contact us to sign up for a nice start to the day and study help if you need it!

Photo: Kai T. Dragland/NTNU