Excited Core Project

Sharing and Diversity

Aims to develop highly efficient cross-campus learning spaces. Following recent university mergers at NTNU and NORD, ExcITEd currently has 19 study programs within its direct scope. Diverse profiles of the study programs enables the partners to cater both to different student preferences and different segments of the job market.

Due to similar underlined content knowledge, teachers should collaborate across campuses to reuse learning resources and ensure comparable learning outcome and grading. Equally important is to benefit from the diversity by offering courses across multiple campuses.

Current Activities

Ongoing projects explore synergies and establish communities among staff across campuses, like in data communications courses in Ålesund, Gjøvik and Trondheim, as well as the established Computer Science Education Community of Practice.

Further Activities

The centre will promote and support pilot projects for cross-campus learning. For courses with similar contents and learning objectives across campuses, we will explore and study how learning activities can be run in parallel on multiple campuses while still maintaining the qualities of on-campus learning activities.

For specialization courses offered only on one campus we will utilize MOOC-style distance education that further can be offered to a wider community. We will extending the currently developed technologies for capturing students’ progress and providing automated feedback for self-reflection and -evaluation.


The project will result in course development and experience and knowledge in cross-campus education. We will also develop a number of tools, some specific to one course, others usable across many different courses and programs − not only in IT.

Project Team