ExcITEd Core Project

Career Readiness

Aims to strengthen and expand the education-work connectivity by providing students’ with “real-life industry-driven” learning. As indicated from the ACM/IEEE joint task force on IT curricula, the critical element in the success of an IT program is the involvement and active participation of industry.

Well established industry participation supports various activities including advice from an industry perspective, student and faculty industry internships, integration of industry projects into the curriculum, guest lectures, and visiting faculty positions from industry.

Current Activities

ExcITEd partners have a long tradition for projects as an essential component in the education, some of them with real customers. Many of our students get valuable experience through internships and summer jobs in our industry network.

Further Activities

We will monitor best practice project-based teaching from other IT educations world-wide, as well as the expected competences from the IT industry. We will intensify our collaboration with the industry so that more students can get relevant summer jobs. Similar to the concept of minimum viable product in lean software development, we will collaborate with industry in setting up the minimum viable competence for various IT-related summer jobs. ExcITEd will build “students-industry hubs”, in order to help qualifying students for summer jobs and getting them in touch with potential employers. 


We will strengthen the education-work connection. Gap analysis between the job market's expectations and current learning outcomes will be used to guide program and course development. Student-industry connection will ensure a smoother transition from education to work for students. 

Project Team