History and Strategic Raw Materials Initiative

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HSRMI was founded in 2012 by Andrew Perchard, Espen Storli and Mats Ingulstad in order to promote research into the political economy of strategic raw materials. The explicit intention of HSRMI is to bring together scholars working on what the EC Vice-President referred to in 2012 as “raw materials diplomacy” from an historical perspective and to utilise history to inform ongoing public debates about access to “strategic raw materials”. The importance of this is underlined by ongoing trade disputes over access to “rare earths” and other mineral deposits, as well as “resource wars” in Africa.

We are currently developing our research in the following areas

  • International commodity markets
  • Networks, Institutions and non-state actors
  • Environmental history

We welcome enquiries and interest in the Initiative. Do not hesitate to contact us at hsrmi@hf.ntnu.no