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The mission of the System Security research group (S2G) is to ensure that systems in our society are resilient against cyber-attacks and fulfill a set of essential security (and privacy) requirements. The Systems we  focus our research on go beyond the classic ICT perspective and include examining  societal, economical and human factors.

Our research objective is to develop models, methods, techniques and tools that can be used for:

  • building secure systems
  • evaluating and assessing the security level of systems
  • enhancing the security posture of systems
  • training and educating users and organization to understand and apply systems and adversarial thinking

The research activities of our group is application oriented in nature and are conducted in different areas like secure software development lifecycle, security assurance and maturity modeling, socio-technical systems analysis, vulnerability, threat and risk analysis, DevOps security, model-driven security, and information security economics.

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We aim to disseminate our research results to the scientific community through scientific publications. We publish at the highest international level.

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S2G projects

S2G projects

Our research activity is organised around the following research projects.

EU projects

National projects

IE Faculty Focus Area

  • Cyber Security
  • Digital Enterprice
  • Internet of Things

S2G master theses topics

Topics for BSc and MSc theses

The system security group offers and will continue to offer thesis topics in the following topics

  • Security testing and security assurance
  • Socio-technical system analysis Serious games
  • Attack/defence simulation and modeling
  • DevOps and cloud services
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Access control, authentication, and other security services

S2G partners

S2G partners

Research and business partners associated with our research group.

Research partners

Business partners

Our master students have a skill set that results in them having little difficulty in getting employed in Gjøvik, the rest of Norway, or abroad.

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Laboratories and teaching areas used by our researchers and students.


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