Laboratory medicine

Department of Clinical and Molecular Medicine

Laboratory medicine


Research activity at the unit for Laboratory Medicine includes medical biochemistry, pharmacology, medical genetics, immunology, transfusion medicine and medical microbiology.

We collaborate with corresponding field and clinical unit at St. Olavs hospital, other NTNU departments and other national and international research groups. The research unit for Laboratory Medicine include PhD-, master- and research students.

Research groups

  1. Cancer, molecular mechanisms and genetic risk factors
  2. Virus immunity and disease
  3. Cellular responses to DNA damage
  4. Experimental pharmacology and surgery
  5. Medical systems virology
  6. DNA repair and adaptive immunity
  7. Immunotoxicology
  8. Non-homologous DNA end joining
  9. Scaffold proteins in cellular stress responses
  10. Neuroepigenetics – Base modifications in cognitive function
  11. Hereditary disease
  12. Liquid biopsies in lung cancer
  13. Proteome and genome dynamics
  14. Inflammation and cardiovascular disease
  15. Electron microscopy
  16. DNA base modifications and chromatin integrity
  17. Bioinformatics and gene regulation
  18. Toxicology and metabolic interactions


24 Apr 2019


Unit leader

Magnar Bjørås