Cluster collaborations

Cluster collaboration

The Norwegian Innovation Clusters programme with the levels Arena, NCE and GCE is a collaboration between Innovation Norway (State-owned company promoting industrial development), The Industrial Development Corporation of Norway (SIVA) and The Research Council of Norway.

Cluster collaboration

NTNU is partner in:


The clusters in the Arena programme increase innovation and collaboration between businesses, research and educational environments, and the public sector. NTNU is a partner in:

Arena Construction City, Oslo 

NxtMedia Conference, Trondheim

Arena Ocean Autonomy Cluster, Trøndelag

Arena Tequity Cluster, Trondheim

NCE/ Arena Pro

The Norwegian Centres of Expertise (NCE) and Arena PRO help to target, improve and accelerate ongoing development processes in Norwegian clusters. NTNU is a partner in:

Arena Pro WoodWorks! Cluster, Trøndelag

NCE Blue Legasea, Ålesund 

NCE Smart Energy Markets, Halden

NCE Raufoss, Raufoss

NCE Aquaculture, Bodø

NCE Oslo Cancer Cluster, Oslo

NCE Oslo MedTech, Oslo

NCE Aquatech Cluster, Trøndelag


The Global Centres of Expertise (GCE) are world-leading clusters with potential for growth in international markets. NTNU is a partner in:

GCE Blue Maritime, Møre

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See also

NTNU’s entrepreneurship ecosystem

NTNU is partner in several cluster collaborations

In addition to the business networks («næringslivsringer»), a great deal of the collaboration takes place between the academic environments and individual players, as well as through the research centres in which NTNU is involved



Pro-Rector for Innovation

Pro-Rector for Innovation Toril A. Nagelhus Hernes leads NTNU’s efforts to promote innovation, and is responsible for maintaining strategic collaborative relationships with businesses and industry on a regional national and international level. 

Vice-Rector in Gjøvik 

Vice-Rector in Gjøvik Gro Kvanli Dæhlin represent and position NTNU as an institution for regional working life.

Vice-Rector in Ålesund

Vice-Rector in Ålesund Anne-Lise Sagen Major represent and position NTNU as an institution for regional working life.