NTNU's entrepreneurship ecosystem

All parties and services involved in innovation and business cooperation at NTNU are listed here, in alphabetic order. Together they form our "entrepreneurship ecosystem", a loosely knit system of benefactors, services, courses and experts who promote innovation and entrepreneurship at NTNU. 


Accelerator programme for app developers run by Spark NTNU in cooperation with NTNU TTO and Zedge. Close follow-up of selected business players and professionals. Page in Norwegian.

Business networks

Forums for collaboration between academic environment at NTNU and business to strengthen educational activities at the university.

Centres for Excellence in Education – SFU

Centres for Excellence in Education feature outstanding quality and innovative practices in education. Page in Norwegian. 

CIP – Center for Intellectual Property

CIP provides a platform for the promotion of research, education and collaboration based on the strategic management of intellectual assets and property. The center is currently jointly governed by Chalmers University of Technology, University of Gothenburg, and NTNU.


Large EU initiative to develop new solutions to climate change in collaboration between research institutions, the public sector and the business community.

Cluster collaboration - NCE, GCE and ARENA clusters

Constellations that encourage increased innovation and collaboration between businesses, research and educational environments, and public-sector players.

Experts in Teamwork (EiT)

Interdisciplinary teams of students work to find solutions to issues presented by stakeholders in business and the public sector.


The students’ own centre for innovation is a meeting place for existing communities of innovation and inquisitive newcomers. Page in Norwegian.

Humanities in the Workplace (HiP)

Students at the Faculty of Humanities use their academic competence in the world of work through a period of practice in businesses and public-sector organizations. Page in Norwegian.


Students and young entrepreneurs from all of Norway gather in Trondheim to compete for glory and honour, and over half a million kroner in prize money. Page in Norwegian.

Master's degree in entrepreneurship, innovation and society

Provides insight into the importance of the entrepreneur for the development of society – and the importance of society for entrepreneurship.

NTNU Accel

Accelerator for knowledge-based start-ups, offering funding, networking and incubator space in central Trondheim. Page in both English and Norwegian.

NTNU Alumni

Networking for NTNU’s former students, current students and staff, providing a forum for sharing knowledge and experience.

NTNU Bridge

A service linking students and employers through collaborative engagements, practice and recruitment to the workplace.

NTNU Discovery

Provides support for development, verification and quality assurance of ideas and projects that have the potential to be commercially viable.

NTNU International Reasercher Support (NIRS)

Counselling for administrative staff and researchers working at or visiting NTNU. Services includes housing, dual career services, seminars, courses and social activities for the international community at NTNU.

NTNU School of Entrepreneurship

Master's programme in entrepreneurship. Combines theory with practical experience through establishing new ventures.

NTNU Technology Transfer Office

Works to create value from research at NTNU, in the form of new products or services that benefit society.

Research centres and EU collaboration

Research centres such as the Centres for Research-based Innovation (CRIs) and for Environment-friendly Energy Research (CEERs) as well as research programmes generate many new ideas and projects that benefit society in the form of products and services.

Spark NTNU

Free guidance and regular follow-up for students who want to develop an idea. Page in Norwegian

Start NTNU

Student organization that works to inspire students to try their hand at innovation and entrepreneurship. NTNU in Gjøvik and NTNU in Ålesund have their own Start associations. Page in Norwegian.


Innovation programme for knowledge-based business ideas in which concept originators develop their business concept together with a team of students and specialist resources. Page in Norwegian.


Organization that creates meeting places for students, researchers, entrepreneurs and established business and industry through the Technoport conference and other events.

Venture Cup

A national business plan competition for students. Also credit-bearing subjects in business development. Page in Norwegian.



– about innovation, collaboration with the working world and the business sector:


Pro-Rector for Innovation

Pro-Rector for innovation Toril A. Nagelhus Hernes

Toril A. Nagelhus Hernes

Staff, Pro-Rector for Innovation

The Staff of the Pro-Rector for Innovation work in partnership with business and the community on innovation and renewal. They create arenas for collaboration and knowledge at the regional, national and international level, and work with innovation processes and innovative projects.

Linn Benedicet Brubakken Øfsteng
Linn Benedicte Brubakken Øfsteng
Project Manager og management support
Innovation and resources at NTNU inn Trondheim

Christian Forø
Christian Forø
Innovation and resources at NTNU in Gjøvik

Kirsti Brekke
Kirsti Brekke
Innovation and resources at NTNU in Ålesund

Per Arne Wilson
Per Arne Wilson
Project manager NTNU Strategic Programme for Knowledge-Based Innovation (SKI)
Project manager NTNU Discovery

Sølvi Silset
Sølvi Silset
Project Manager Spark NTNU

Arild Smolan
Arild Smolan
Coordinator Climate-KIC

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